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Malga Trail

Malga Trail

Malga Trail is located north of the City of Rolent, and connects the city with Esmelas Tower and the Malga Mine. As one of the earliest areas explored in the game, the two southern areas are populated by very low-level and avoidable creatures. Due to the size of this location, it is split into 3 seperate game areas.

You first enter the Malga Trail from the City of Rolent while searching for two lost boys who found their way to the Esmelas Tower, then return later for trips to the same tower and the Malga Mine. The area is very linear with only split and 3 small clearings. Treasures available in this area contain a Reviving Balm, a Tear Balm, and a White Bracelet. The northern most clearing also holds a rare fungi.


Map of Malga Trail:

Malga Trail Map City of Rolent Esmelas Tower Malga Mine


Mushroom Hunt

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