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Milch Main Road

Milch Main Road

Milch Main Road is located west of the City of Rolent, and connects the city with Perzel Farm and to the Verte Bridge. Like other world areas, this road is split into 3 sections: west, central and east. Because this road is much more important to the city and area, this also becomes one of the higher travelled regions of Rolent.

The central region is rich in Tear Balms, but the most sought after treasure of the area is found in a boss guarded chest hidden under a tree in the northern area of the east section.

For the boss guarded chest, I would recommend your characters be level 8 or 9, and at least one of them with a HP Orbment to heal. The enemies you encounter here are stronger versions of Flying Felines and a Lily Moover. It isn't just that they are more powerful, but amount of them you fight at once. To make things easier, I would recommend to have your S-Breaks ready before you start the fight to reduce their numbers a bit. Using other Orbment attacks will also help, too. For your trouble you will get a Topaz Talisman, which makes the fight well worth it.

The far western area of the Milch Main Road inhabits the rare Shining Pom, which appears occationally. It is highly recommended to fight this enemy as often as you can, with full S-Breaks, to help maximize your levels and open your orbal slots early.

Map of Milch Main Road:

Milch Main Road Map City of Rolent Perzel Farm Verte Bridge

The City of Rolent Perzel Farm City of Rolent Verte Bridge

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