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Escort Request

Escort Request is one of the two optional side quests available after you visit Nial Burns during the Missing Airliner storyline. This mission is expires once you enter the Abandoned Mine during the Missing Airliner storyline.

Client: Hardt
Pay: 1200 Mira, 4 BP
Bonus: 1 BP
Difficulty: Hard
Locations: Krone Trail

I am searching for someone who can escort me to the Krone Pass Checkpoint.

Please see me at the Frieden Hotel ASAP.

Notebook Entries

  1. We just need to escort him to the Krone Pass Checkpoint.
  2. We're set to rendezvous with our client at Bose's west entrance.
  3. The Krone Pass is located at the end of the West Bose Highway.
  4. We were attacked by monsters! Fortunately, they were no match for us.
  5. Swithced off with another escort at the Checkpoint. All's well that ends well!


Compared to the other Bracer side-quests, this mission is very difficult. Not only do you have to escort an NPC through many dangerous areas, but you will have to defend him during two very difficult boss-type battles. Thankfully, when you first accept the mission and talk to Hardt at the Frieden Hotel, you are given time to buy equipment and items before your journey begins.

The mission really kicks into gear when Hardt joins the party at the Bose's west entrance. From here, follow the West Bose Highway to the very end and enter the Krone Trail. It would be advisable to avoid as many enemies as possible, especially the Boiled Egger Gs since their magical attacks can kill him without any warning.

The Krone Trail is by far the most difficult area of this quest. Not only are Boiled Egger Rs even more deadly and annoying compared to the Gs found on the West Bose Highway, but the Queen Scorpions can also do serious damage if you're not careful.

As difficult as the trek is, the real difficulty comes when you reach the bridge. Save when you see the bridge in case you fail! Fighting off the two waves of Creepy Sheep can be a huge problem if you're not prepared for it.

When the battle is about to begin, you will be given an option to charge the front, or not. Don't be stupid, push forward. Not only does it make the fight easier, it also gives you a bonus when you report back.

For the fights, area attacks are highly recommended and having someone able to cast La Tear is advisable. The most important part is to make sure those sheep do not get near Hardt. If they get a well-timed attack the battle might be over before you realize what happened. There is no break to heal between fights, so if you find a party member has low HP towards the end of the first fight, heal first, then take the last one out or you might lose a key character as soon as the second fight begins.

Once you are successful, push on toward Krone Pass, avoiding the last of the enemies on the way. After the trade-off happens at the gate, make your way back to the guild to give the report of your adventure.

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