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Ravennue Monster

Ravennue Monster is one of the three optional side quests available while Missing Airliner is active. This mission expires once you talk to Nial at the end of Part 1 of the Missing Airliner quest.

Client: Elder Reisen
Pay: 1500 Mira, 4 BP
Bonus: None
Difficulty: Medium
Locations: Ravennue Trail

A ferocious monster has been sighted along the trail behind Ravennue Village. It must be sought out and exterminated ASAP.

For details, please see me in the village.

Notebook Entries

  1. According to the village elder, the monster has been sighted along the trail to the north of the village.
  2. It seems as though the monster lurks in a specific area along the trail.
  3. Let's hit up the trail to the north of the village, and leave no stone unturned until we find it!
  4. Exterminated monster!


Head out of the west gate to leave Bose and continue along the West Bose Highway until you get to the 2nd map where the path splits west and north. Head north to enter the Ravennue Trail. Unlike the enemies found on the West Bose Highway, Ravennue Trail is full of dangerous Chupacabra - you're probably going to need to use fire.

Once you get to Ravennue Village, find the Elder's House located in the northern area of the village and speak with Elder Reisen to find out more information, then continue through the north gate to return to the Ravennue Trail. This area is full of dead-ends, Chupacabra, Rock Peckers, and the fearsome Roly-Poly. For those looking for items, explore the eastern branches, otherwise head west.

On the second map, you will encounter the Fate Spinner at the first crossroads. This is the monster you were seeking, and it is ready to put up a fight. Due to its high speed and defenses, physical attacks will do little, and only give it more of a chance to wipe out your party with its frequent attacks. Use non-earth Arts to deal swift damage to it, while healing when needed. The Fate Spinner also has a nasty habit of breaking your Art casting, meaning you will need to recast your Arts when that happens.

Eventually it will fall, allowing you to explore more branches in this area, or return to the Village to tell them the good news. Afterwards, head back to Bose to report your success.

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