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Black Notebook

Unlike most side-quests in the game, Black Notebook is not assigned by the Bracer's Guild, thus is easily missed. You may have heard about a certain black book containing Nigel's dirty secrets, but it disappeared after the Lucir Orbal Factory was cleaned out during the South Block Burglary. If you are careful in your searches, you may yet stumble across the book and help a victim reclaim his shop.

Client: None
Pay: 2000 Mira, 5 BP
Bonus: None
Difficulty: Medium
Locations: Sky Bandit Stronghold

A notebook was found inside a vacuum cleaner in the sky bandit stronghold.

What is its purpose? Why was it there...?

Notebook Entries

  1. Gave Black Notebook to Provost Guardsman at the Haken Gate.
  2. It turns out the notebook is a piece of evidence in a criminal investigation!
  3. It was hidden in a vacuum cleaner the sky bandits stole during a burglary, and should thus prove quite incriminating!


This quest is very easy to miss since there is no indication or even a chest to open, to start it. While inside the Sky Bandit Stronghold during the South Block Burglary mission, look for a vacuum cleaner in the lower left room on the 2nd floor and search it to find a Black Notebook. Finding it will actually start the quest, and where to go from here is even vaguer than its location. Don't think about going back in to find it if you already completed the quest - you can't.

The rest of the quest takes place at the very beginning of Chapter 2 while you are still in the Bose province. You would think that bringing it to someone in Bose is the key, but you actually need to head to the jail cells at Haken Gate. If you approach the two guards interrogating Nigel, you can give them the Black Notebook to reveal the dirty secrets Nigel didn't want anyone to see.

Return to the Bracer Guild to report your completion for your reward. After this, the true owner of Lucir Orbal Factory will be running the place.

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