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Amberl Tower Mystery

Unlike most side-quests in the game, Amberl Tower Mystery is not assigned by the Bracer's Guild, thus is easily missed. Available during the Missing Airliner storyline after you return from Haken Gate (or anytime earlier on console and handheld versions), it will begin once you enter Amberl Tower. If you don't enter the tower and complete this mission before you go to the Abandoned Mine, you will lose access to this quest completely.

Client: None
Pay: 2000 Mira, 4 BP
Bonus: None
Difficulty: Medium
Locations: Amberl Tower

A voice has been heard coming from the Amberl Tower...

It may be the sky bandits. Best to investigate this very carefully.

Notebook Entries

  1. We heard a voice coming from inside the Amberl Tower.
  2. Could it be the sky bandits...?! We'd best check it out!
  3. On the top floor we found... Professor Alba?!
  4. We rescued Professor Alba, who was surrounded by a group of monsters.
  5. Made it out of the Amberl Tower safely. Whew!


After you return to Bose after visiting the Haken Gate, before or after you see Nial, head south via the New Ansel Path and take the west branch to the Amberl Tower. As soon as you enter, voices will be heard, which begins this quest.

Much like the tower in the Rolent Area, this area is a bit of a maze with several dead-ends, which often reward you with items, so explore this area well. The central area of the fifth floor contains the person you seek, as well as a couple of guarded chests. Most of the fights here aren't difficult, but be careful if exploring after you have a civilian with you since many of the enemies will often target only him, especially if you are surrounded in battle.

Once the rescue is complete, head to the Bose Bracer Guild to report your success.

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