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Amberl Tower

Amberl Tower

The Amberl Tower is one of the four ancient ruins referred to as a Tetracyclic Tower. The other towers are the Esmelas Tower in Rolent, the Sapphirl Tower in Ruan, and the Carnellia Tower in Zeiss.

Located off the New Ansel Path south of Bose, the Amberl Tower is a location of mystery, which makes it very tempting for foolish archeologists hell-bent on solving the ancient mysteries these towers hold. Like other towers, the layout of the dungeon is very cylindrical, but due to the age and neglect, broken bridges make the tower into a maze of diverging paths.

Unlike the Esmelas Tower, this tower is optional when you first enter this region, but leaving it alone is unwise as it contains a secret side-quest and some very useful items.

The fourth and fifth floors contain the best treasure, most trapped with Robber Trappers. The best items are the Chain Mail, Emerald Talisman, and the very helpful Fried Eyes & Eggs

Map of Amberl Tower:

Amberl Tower Map New Ansel Path



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