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Sapphirl Tower

Sapphirl Tower

Located off of the Aurian Causeway south of Ruan, the Sapphirl Tower is one of the four ancient ruins referred to as a Tetracyclic Tower. The other towers are the Esmelas Tower in Rolent, the Amberl Tower in Bose, and the Carnellia Tower in Zeiss.

Like other towers, the layout of the dungeon is very cylindrical, but due to the age and neglect, broken bridges make the tower into a maze of diverging paths. Navigating this tower requires going up and down floors via specific stairs.

While some items are minor, the best items include Army Boots, Battle Suit, Range 1, Flamberge, Hot Fried Chicken, and Scent. The Aurian Causeway Monster also stalks just outside the tower.


Map of Sapphirl Tower:

Sapphirl Tower Map To Aurian Causeway


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