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Bear Claw Survey

Bear Claw Survey is one of the three optional side quests available after you visit Haken Gate during the Missing Airliner storyline. This mission expires at the very end of Chapter 1 when you pass through Krone Pass.

Client: Spence
Pay: 1000 Mira, 4 BP
Bonus: None
Difficulty: Medium
Locations: Nebel Valley

I am searching for sites within the Bose region where a plant known as the Bear Claw grows.

If anyone knows of such places, please notify me at the Spence Pharmacy with the Bose Market. And come see me if you need further information, too!

Notebook Entries

  1. It looks like all we need to do is find a few sites where the Bear Claw grows.
  2. It supposedly flourishes in humid areas, so let's keep our eyes peeled for any.
  3. We found a Bear Claw in Nebel Valley!
  4. We reported our findings to Spense. Our job here is done!


I would recommend completing this quest with the Nebel Valley Monster quest since they are very near to each other.

The Nebel Valley is located near Verte Bridge just north of the East Bose Highway. Before heading to this dangerous maze, it would be wise to level up enough to be comfortable fighting the enemies along Eisen Road and New Ansel Path. I would also recommend having two party members equipped with a fire orbment, and the 3rd with two wind orbments to learn Aerial.

Once you arrive in the valley, you have two choices: left if you are also completing the Nebel Valley Monster quest, or right if you are just here for the Bear Claw.

Taking the left (west) path leads to a long winding linear path that will eventually bring you back near the entrance. Once you get to the area containing the Nebel Valley Monster (if already defeated, it is the area just before the bridge to the red chest) look for a small cave under the raised path to the north. If you follow this path to the end, you will find the Bear Claw you seek.

Taking the right (east) path is easier and far less lengthy. Follow the winding path across the bridges until the path splits. Take the right (east) option again, which will loop under the bridges you just crossed. As soon as the path turns north after passing under the bridge, you will find the Bear Claw under a tree.

Regardless of which Bear Claw you found, head back to Spence in the market to report your findings, then do the same at the guild.

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