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Nebel Valley

Nebel Valley

The Nebel Valley is a large and dangerous maze filled with powerful creatures, multi-level paths, and a trickster dwelling in a cabin. This is also the only source of the rare Bear Claw in the Bose Region.

Most of the enemies in this area are water-based, so prepare to use fire arts frequently. Also expect for longer battles, especially when fighting the mighty Giantfoot. If you find the battles on Eisen Road or the New Ansel Path too difficult, it would be wise to level up before venturing into this area.

Located in a clearing on the east side of the valley is Whemler's Cabin, which, of course, is the home of Whelmer. He has a small shop of useful healing items and a bed you can rest in for free. Be careful if you decide to share a meal with him, though because his Abaddon Potluck will severely harm your party members and reduce their CP.

The only way to this maze is from East Bose Highway near the Verte Bridge. Although the valley grants you access to the Sky Bandit Stronghold, it is not available until you unlock it from the inside.

Map of Nebel Valley:

East Bose Highway
Sky Bandit Stronghold

Whemler's Cabin

  Item Price (Mira)
To Go Meal Red Tail Soup 350
Consumable Tear Balm 200
Consumable Purging Balm 100
Consumable Softening Balm 100
Consumable Insulating Tape 100
Consumable Reviving Balm 200


Inhabitants of Nebel Valley:

Trails in the Sky: WhemlerWhemler

Whemler is a hermit who lives in the cabin out in the northern area of Nebel Valley.


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