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South Block Burglary

The South Block Burglary quest begins after the Missing Airliner quest ends as you chase down the Sky Bandits after a brave burglary in Bose.

Client: Mayor Maybelle
Pay: 8000 Mira, 10 BP
Bonus: None
Details: Urgent Request
Difficulty: Hard
Locations: City of Bose, Valleria Lakeshore, Sky Bandit Stronghold

Part 1: It seems that while we were tracking down the missing airliner, a burglary occurred in Bose's South Block.
Though this area is already under investigation by the Royal Army, I think we'd be better off doing one of our own, as well.

Part 2: The information we gathered from the South Block about a suspicious group of people isn't the best lead in the world, but it's a start.
So, in an effort to further our investigation, we decided to head to the inn on the Valleria Lakeshore

Part 3: The aircraft operated by the sky bandits was found in front of the Amberl Tower, grounded.
We stole aboard the aircraft, and all at once found ourselves attempting to infiltrate their hideout!


Notebook Entries

  1. The Royal Army is investigating. We'll have to wait a bit.
  2. Saw Nial at the orbal factory. Seems it WAS the sky bandits.
  3. We had a tussle with some soldiers, but thanks to Colonel Richard, things never got out of hand.
  4. The Royal Army finally left. Now we can investigate in peace!
  5. We didn't find any clues that directly linked to the incident.
  6. We did learn, however, that a group of suspicious persons was seen near the Kingfisher Inn.
  7. Nothing's happened there yet, but we decided to check out the inn anyway, just in case.
  8. Valleria Lake is in southern Bose. Best way to get there is to head south from town.
  9. No time to lose! Let's find that fishing buff at the inn who saw our suspects!
  10. The witness' name is Lloyd, and he's at the far pier, fishing.
  11. Lloyd apparently witnessed a young man and woman heading out onto the path around midnight.
  12. The girl was wearing a uniform from the Jenis Royal Academy! So it was Josette?!
  13. They'll be coming again tonight.
  14. We reserved some rooms in order to keep watch through the night.
  15. It's still early, though... which means, FREE TIME! ♪
  16. It's late... Let's make some rounds out by the far pier.
  17. The sky bandits should show up on the path. We need a lookout!
  18. It really WAS them!
  19. Their vehicle should be near...
  20. Found it by the Amberl Tower!
  21. We did it! We're in! Seems to be somewhere in the Nebel Valley...
  22. We need to take the sky bandits down, and rescue the hostages!
  23. Subdued the sky bandits! But the hostages are deeper in...
  24. Found the hostages! And luckily, everyone seems to be safe!
  25. Dad wasn't among them, though. The captain says he disembarked just before take-off...
  26. The hostages are all safe! Now, time to arrest the ringleader...
  27. Subdued the Capua family, but they got away via smokescreen.
  28. They plan to escape by air! We need to get back to the dock!
  29. Royal Army patrol ships?!
  30. All the sky bandits were arrested by the Royal Army!
  31. Doubling as training, we decided to hoof it to the Ruan region.



During the break at Valleria Shore, Estelle has the rare opportunity to show off her fishing skills. There are only a few different fish you can catch, and only 10 attempts, so make them count.


Side of Dock

Bait Used


Liberl Carp West Lure Wait
  West Live Wait Longer
  South Lure Wait
  East Lure Pull Immediately
  East Live Wait Longer
Rainbow Trout West Fly Wait
  East Any Wait
Salmon West Lure Wait Longer
Smelt West Any Pull Immediately
  West Fly Wait Longer
  South Live or Fly Pull Immediately
  East Live Pull Immediately
  East Lure Wait Longer
Tiger Rockfish West Live Wait
  East Fly Wait Longer
Holey Boots South Lure Pull Immediately
  South Fly Wait
  South Any Wait Longer
  East Fly Pull Immediately



After getting released from jail by the good mayor, and stuck with your favourite new party member (you'll love his s-craft attack), venture forth back into Bose. I would recommend picking up a side-quest from the Bracer Guild first, then head into the south area of Bose to begin your investigation.

Most areas are tied up with soldiers at first, so you can't ask any questions, but the Lucir Orbal Factory has the juicy story you're looking for. Once meeting with the press, head out the front door (the cutscene will not trigger if you leave through the back), to meet your new best friend in the military who grants you the ability to actually talk to people again.

While you're casually entering the homes of wealthy strangers, you'll stumble into Kuwano & Cecile's where you will learn that the bandits got to experience the 'Cecile Effect' and obtain a new lead south of town in a small resort called Valleria Shore. To get there, pass through the south gate and the New Ansel Path. If you want to be able to read Carnelia - Chapter 4, talk to Libro right now. If you progress past Valleria Shore, you will miss this item.

Once at Valleria Shore, head into the Kingfisher Inn and speak with Lenard in the kitchen to learn about Lloyd, who is found on the western pier. Speak with Lloyd to find out what he saw, and the chance to see them yourself. To wait, talk to Sophina at the Inn to book a room. Note that this is a point of no return! Before you continue on, make sure you have finished everything you want to do in this chapter!

During this time, the group will split, giving you control of only Estelle, and allow you a rare opportunity to speak with your party. After talking to everyone, and noticing the fishing rods on the 2nd floor, check out the end of the eastern pier to trigger her fishing dialogue. Talk to Sophina to borrow a rod and sit at the end of the pier to fish. You can fish up to 10 times, catching different things depending on your choices. See the fishing area above for guidance on what you can catch.

After you're done fishing, pick up the Hundred Days War from where Joshua was sitting, then seek him out near the far pier to continue the story. Once your party is together again, walk to the far pier again where you met Lloyd to trigger the cutscene, then to the balcony at the front of the inn. Once the guests arive, go back toward the pier, then leave to the north. After a cutscene you will find yourself in the hanger at the Sky Bandit Stronghold. Unlike other dungeons, you will be heading down to the first floor as you progress toward your goal. The enemies here are much stronger than other areas in the Bose province, so expect more difficult fights than you are used to.

On the floor below the hanger (3F), you will find the Scorpion, and Jeweled Ring in the side rooms, as well as a large group of Sky Bandits in the large room in the right corridor. Arts that attack multiple enemies at once like Hell Gate, Aerial and Stone Impact are very useful against all Sky Bandit fights. Floor 2F gives you a Strega-R, Bear Assault, a Black Notebook in the bottom rooms, but the real prize is in the large room in the right corridor again. After fighting another group of Sky Bandits, and finding the hostages, head to the first floor. Take the first right exit to reveal the passage out of the dungeon, and grab the Reviving Balm from the bottom room. Before you head into the only other room on the bottom floor, save and prepare to fight the Capua family.

On Normal: This boss fight can be really easy if you levelled enough and have many orbal area attacks ready, or really hard if you've been skipping battles and haven't been experimenting with your orbments. Do yourself a favor and try to attack as many enemies as you can at once, or focus on the leader first since he hits the hardest. It is also a good idea to spread your party apart so you don't have to worry about their area attacks.

On Hard and Nightmare: Before you enter the fight, change your battle positions to put distance between each person to avoid the area attacks from dealing damage to too many allies. Also, be sure to have reviving items (Potluck in a Shell is very handy and cheap). Start the battle with S-Crafts to remove Josette and Kyle from the fight, then focus on the big boss until he joins his siblings. Alternatively, focus your S-Crafts on Don, then Josette and Kyle. Expect to heal and revive often.

Once you defeat the 3 bosses, you will need to trace your steps and return back to the hanger, fighting the 3 waves of Sky Bandits as before on your way back up. Once you reach the top, the mission will auto-complete and begin Chapter 2.


If you missed Cassius' letter at the end of Chapter 1, you can read it below:

"I'm sure you're probably about finished with the jobs I left for you, right? I'm also sure there are many things you'll have trouble with in the beginning, but take each one step at a time. I know you both can succeed.

Anyway, it turns out that I've had a little trouble with my own work. And unfortunately, it looks like I won't be able to make it home for quite some time. Please don't expect my return until after the queen's birthday celebration.

I'm really sorry that things turned out like they did, but you should be grown up enough not to be lonely while I'm away. So until I get back, I'll leave it up to the both of you to decide how you want to live. You're free to continue working in Rolent... or you're free to pursue qualifying as a senior bracer.

Your 16th year is a vintage time in your life, so make sure not to waste it. Please give my regards to Scherazard and Aina.

-Cassius Bright."

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