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Valleria Shore

Valleria Shore

The Valleria Shore a small resort located south of the City of Bose, at the end of the New Ansel Path. Here you will find the King Fisher Inn, run by Lenard and his little sister Sophina.




Map of Valleria Shore:

Valleria Shore Map New Ansel Path

King Fisher Inn

  Item Price (Mira)
To Go Meal Deep-Fried Smelt 100
To Go Meal Boiled Miso Carp 200
To Go Meal Grilled Rainbow 200
To Go Meal Rockfish Skewer 300
To Go Meal Salmon Meuniere 400


Inhabitants of Valleria Shore:

Trails in the Sky: AnetteAnette

Anette is visiting the King Fisher Inn on her yearly vacation to Valleria Shore with her mom Elke. She loves everything about the place, but worries what all the great food is going to do to her weight. She is a bit upset that her father never joins them, though.

Trails in the Sky: ElkeElke

Elke (not related to the girl in Bose) is visiting the King Fisher Inn on her yearly vacation to Valleria Shore with her daughter Anette. She loves reading while listening to the sounds of the water lapping at the shore. She also loves the Maple Leaf Inn.

Trails in the Sky: GantzLenard

Lenard runs the King Fisher Inn at Valleria Shore, while his little sister Sophina to greets customers the counter. He'll be found cooking up a storm in the kitchen area with plenty of new delicacies to try.

Trails in the Sky: LloydLloyd

Lloyd is a professional angler and member of the Fisherman's Guild in the Royal City of Grancel. He dedicates a large part of his life hunting for "The Guardian," which is a giant salmon that lurks in murky depths of Valleria Lake.

Trails in the Sky: ElissaSophina

Sophina works at the King Fisher Inn at Valleria Shore. She starting working here after falling in love with the place when visiting her brother Lenard. She'll be found running the front counter of the Inn.


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