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Ravennue Trail

Ravennue Trail


The Ravennue Trail consists of two parts.

The southern area is the path leading to Ravennue Village from the West Bose Highway. This map is very linear and only contains one enemy, the blood sucking Chupacabra.

The northern area continues after Ravennue Village and heads to the Mine. This area contains more Chupacabra, Rock Peckers, and the fearsome Roly-Poly. In the eastern area, you also find 3 chests with a Tear Balm, Beast Steak, and a Deathblow 2 orbment. (Deathblow 2 is actually quite useless since it breaks after one use, and it doesn't work against large bosses. Save these for the later area Poms!) The west contains the same enemies, plus a Fate Spinner boss! You will also find another Tear Balm at the very western edge of the map. The map exits to the Abandoned Mine to the north.


Map of Ravennue Trail:

Ravennue Village Ravennue Village West Bose Highway Abandoned Mine


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