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Ravennue Village

Ravennue Village


The Ravennue Village is a small settlement north-west of the City of Bose known for their amazing orchard. It used to be a mining town until the septium mine north of town closed down. This village was also decimated during the war, being so close to the border. A monument can be found the graveyard honouring the six righteous people who lost their lives in the flames of war (Leif, Abel, Nicole, Wilhelm, Irena and Mischa.)

The Ravennue Trail is actually part of the town, thus both exits connect back to it.


Map of Ravennue Village:

Ravennue Village Map Ravennue Trail Ravennue Trail Emile General Goods The Moonlight Path Ravennue - Elder's House Orange & Gray's House Figaro's House


Inhabitants of Ravennue Village:

Trails in the Sky: ClaireApple

Apple runs the Inn portion of the Moonlight Path in Ravennue Village. She is a bit shy, but she pushes it aside when she hears all the amazing stories travellers bring while they stay at the inn.

Trails in the Sky: BirnetteBirnette

Birnette is the wife of Elder Reisen, and, like most other residents, are one of the survivors of the war 10 years ago. She still remembers the blacked bones left from the dead after the war. She helps her husband in making sure Ravennue Village continues to be successful.

Trails in the Sky: Elder ReisenElder Reisen

Elder Reisen is the leader of Ravennue Village, along with his wife, Birnette. He strives to keep the village safe and secure. You will need his help to get into the Abandoned Mine north of the village.

Trails in the Sky: AldanEmile

Emile owns Emile General Goods in Ravennue Village.

Trails in the Sky: FigaroFigaro

Figaro is a resident of Ravennue Village, and father of Lewey. He has been designated to keep watch at the northern gate to the Abandoned Mine by Elder Reisen when trouble happens. His house is just north of the Orchard on the east side of town. The memories of the war haunts him still. Nightmares still plague his dreams.

Trails in the Sky: LyrilFran

Fran is a young girl who lives in Ravennue Village.

Trails in the Sky: VogtGray

Gray, husband of Orange, works at the orchard in Ravennue Village. If you're looking to buy fruit directly from the source, he's your man. Everyone, including his wife, sees him as a man stuck in the ways of the past. He refuses to see the benifits of using technology to make everyone's lives easier.

Trails in the Sky: LeweyLewey

Lewey, son of Figaro, is a young boy who lives in Ravennue Village. While many are skeptical of what a child says he sees at night, he is glad to know that there are some that will take the time to listen and believe. Everyone in town thought he was telling a tale when he said he saw something in the sky on the night of the Disappearance of the Linde, but a group of brave and smart Bracers believed him and proved that he was right.

Trails in the Sky: LimonLimon

Limon runs the Bar portion of the Moonlight Path in Ravennue Village. It was her idea to open the Bar and Inn, and is still thinking of new ideas to make it more popular.

Trails in the Sky: LoreLore

Lore works in the Ravennue Village orchard, but longs to leave to Bose to be with his family and become a merchant with his wife Felicia and son Pomme.

Trails in the Sky: MelonyMelony

Melony, wife of Pesca, works at the orchard in Ravennue Village with her husband. While her and her husband are newer to the village, with new ideas of how to farm, she often feels that no one wants to listen to them.

Trails in the Sky: OrangeOrange

Orange, wife of Gray, typically stays at home while her husband works at the orchard in Ravennue Village.

Trails in the Sky: Butler MaynerPesca

Pesca, husband of Melony, works at the orchard in Ravennue Village. He is a firm believer that using farm equipment in addition to manual labor will enhance the productivity, but Gray disagrees.

Trails in the Sky: VinceVince

Vince is a young boy who lives in Ravennue Village.

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