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Krone Trail

Krone Trail


The Krone Trail is the path between the West Bose Highway and the Mayoria Byroad, with Krone Pass in the middle. This mountainous area is full of the powerful Queen Scorpions and Boiled Egger Rs.

Beware the red chest near the gate entrance, it is packed full of 4 Wisdoms! You will get a Pearl Earring for your trouble though.

The Ruan side of the map heading toward the Manoria Byroad isn't too much different from the Rolent side. King Scorpions have joined the enemies, but you shouldn't find anything difficult by the time you've reached this area. The chest containg an EP Charge is easy to miss since it is hidden behind a tree.


Map of Krone Trail:

Krone Trail Map West Bose Highway Krone Pass Krone Pass Manoria Byroad


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