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Manoria Byroad

Manoria Byroad


The Manoria Byroad is a beautiful path which follows the coastline along the western edge of the Ruan Province and is the main path to cross between the provinces of Ruan and Bose. The northern exit brings you to the Krone Pass via the Krone Trail, while the southern exit leads to Manoria Village. The Varenne Lighthouse can also be found by taking the south-western path that branches off the main road.

Enemies in this area tend to be on the weaker side. The Hammerhead enemy can be easily defeated by regular attacks, but it might be a good idea to use some Water Arts on the Stove Plant enemies as they can be very confusing at times.

The only item found in this area is the Lily Necklace, which is very useful when fighting Stove Plants. Ironically, you will have to fight two of them to get the item, though.


Map of Manoria Byroad:

Manoria Byroad Map Krone Trail Varenne Lighthouse Manoria Village


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