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Joan Arms & Guards


Joan Arms & GuardsJoan Arms & Guards is located at the prime location at the northern exit of Ruan. Run and managed by Eva, this store is stocked full of some of the best weapons and armor founds in the 3rd chapter of Trails in the Sky.

The 2nd floor of this shop is a small museum filled with an assortment of weapons on display.



Store Inventory

  Item Price (Mira)
Bo Staff (Estelle) Stun Rod 2000
Bo Staff (Estelle) Hex Stave 5000
Swords (Joshua) Dual Razors 2500
Swords (Joshua) Baselards 5000
Armour (All) Leather Jacket 2000
Armour (All) Shield Vest 5000
Boots (All) Work Boots 1500
Boots (All) Double Spikes 3000
Accessory (All) Silver Earring 200
Accessory (All) White Bracelet 200
Accessory (All) Lighter 500
Accessory (All) Black Bangle 500
Accessory (All) Pearl Earring 500
Accessory (All) Glam Choker 1000
Accessory (All) Feather Brooch 1000
Accessory (All) Skull Pendant 1000
Accessory (All) Lily Necklace 2000




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