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The City of Ruan

The City of Ruan

The City of Ruan is the main settlement of the province of Ruan in “Trails in the Sky” and is the central hub for chapter 2 in the game.

Located in the western area of Liberl, Ruan sits upon the mouth of the Roubine River at Azelia Bay. Before the era of orbal-powered airships, this harbour city used to be the hub of trade and transportation as Liberl's major seaport but is now nothing more than a tourist trap. Even the famous Langland Bridge which spans across the River rarely operates to allow large ships to pass, and instead opens on a schedule to please the sightseers.

The city's mayor is currently Mayor Dalmore who resides in the city's south-east area. The northern exit leads to the Gull Seaside Way, and the southern path via the Aurian Causeway.


Map of the City of Ruan:

The City of Ruan Map Granate Orbal Factory Hotel Blanche Joan Arms & Guards Lavantar Casino & Bar O'Neil Duty-Free Shop North-Central Residence North-West Residence Ruan Bracer Guild Ruan Chapel Gull Seaside Way Ruan Mayor's Residence Southern Residence South-Central Residence Aqua Rossa Bar Raven Warehouse Aurian Causeway

Supporting Characters within the City of Ruan:

Inhabitants of The City of Ruan:

Antonio Atget Benoit Bolle Brenda Bridget Benoit Bargo Belden Burt Ciel Clive Dario Deen Dominique Edwin Eletta Ernest Eva Father Theodore Flora Jabu Jimmy Harg Gartner Gerome Karl Kuper Legaro Liz Logic Louis Lytton Matilda Melvin Muriel Murray Nikita Noria Norman O'Neil Percy Pesca Picaro Portos Primo Randall Rais Rocco Rutherford Ruvie Sister Frieda Samario Spiridon Squaro Sylvie Terence Tobias Todd Viego Zecalte

Antonio is the son of Liz and Renzo. He finds himself torn between his mother's dreams for him to join the academy and his father's intention for him to be an airship crewman.


Atget is the daughter of Ruvie. While she enjoys playing with her mom, she often gets tired and hungry due to her mother losing track of time.


Benoit is a dock worker who is frequently loading and unloading cargo at the Ruan harbour.


Bolle is a sailor who notices that Ruan is full of "landlubbers" instead of seafarers. He is often found at the Aqua Rossa Bar.


Brenda has lived a long life in Ruan but is still often found on the south side of the city, overlooking the river near the Langland Bridge. She still cannot believe how much her city has changed as it adjusted from harbour to tourism.


Bridget is the wife of Norman and mother of Louis.


Bargo is one of the members of Ruan's Raven gang. He is typically found together with Belden and Burt.


Belden is one of the members of Ruan's Raven gang. He is typically found together with Bargo and Burt.


Burt is one of the members of Ruan's Raven gang. He is typically found together with Bargo and Belden.


Ciel is the wife of Lytton and mother to Gerome and Eletta. Along with her husband, she leads tourists across the City of Ruan and educating them on its rich history.


Clive is a senior maintenance worker employed by the Orbalship Corporation. While working in Ruan he helps train his younger brother, Todd, to follow in his footsteps.


Dario is the main butler at the Mayor's Residence in Ruan. He works for Mayor Dalmar with his wife Dominique, and daughter Flora.


Deen is one of the three leaders of the Raven gang in Ruan. Even though the three leaders share control of the gang, Deen leads the most as the others pay head to his reasoning.


Dominique works as a maid at the Mayor's Residence in Ruan. Her husband Dario and daughter Flora also work with her.


Edwin runs the ticket counter at Ruan's Landing Port. He finds it a very busy job, especially when the ships aren't running as expected.


Eletta is the daughter of Ciel and Lytton, and sister of Gerome. She enjoys having her brother home when school is on break so she can stay home while her parents are working.


Ernest runs the Hotel Blanche in Ruan. He is delighted to help out members of the Bracer Guild whenever he can.


Eva runs the shop at Joan Arms & Guards. She is always impressed with the authority and stress that Bracers go through to protect everyone.

Father Theodore

Father Theodore is the priest at the Ruan Chapel. While he is pleased to have so many attend his evening masses, he wishes more would be there to pray instead of viewing the beauty of the sunset shining through the stain-glass windows.


Flora works as a maid at the Mayor's Residence in Ruan. Her father Dario and mother Dominique also work with her.


Jabu is one of the members of Ruan's Raven gang. He hates honest work, thus the gang life suits him very well.


Jimmy is captivated with the salty-sea-dog tails of O'Neil and is now spending his life searching for buried treasure.


Harg is one of the dockworkers in Ruan who might have some of the worst luck in the city.


Gartner is the gardners at the Mayor's Residence in Ruan.


Gerome is the son of Ciel and Lytton, and older brother of Eletta. While he returns home during breaks in his studies he takes care of his little sister.


Kuper is one of the dockworkers working at the Ruan harbour.


Legaro has travelled to Ruan with Sylvie to explore the wonders of the city.


Liz is the wife of Renzo and mother of Antonio. Even though her husband has different intentions for their son, she dreams of having him attend the local academy. She fears he will have no future otherwise.


Logic is student of the Jenis Royal Acedemy, and the son of Noria and Portos.


Louis is the young son of Norman and Bridget. He's not happy that his father seems to be always working.


Lytton is the husband of Ciel and father to Gerome and Eletta. Along with his wife, he leads tourists across the City of Ruan and educating them on its rich history. He used to be a fisherman but needed a more profitable job with his son attending the nearby acedemy.


Matilda is found sitting on the small bridge near the northern entrance of Ruan. She loves gazing out to the sea and the striking and bright sunset.


Melvin is a Bracer-in-training who currently is positioned at the Ruan Bracer Guild. He is first met when Hardt needed to get from Bose to Ruan.


Murray owns a small boat that he lends out from the dock located at the bottom of Hotel Blanche.


Nikita attends Jenis Royal Academy to take Natural Sciences, and often visits neighboring Ruan during the school breaks to help her sister Eva.


Noria is the wife of the harbormaster, Portos, and mother of Logic.


Norman is the man who leads the tourism industry in Ruan. Next to the mayor, he's the 2nd most powerful person in Ruan. His wife, Bridget and son, Louis both wish he would spend more time at home, though.


O'Neil runs the O'Neil Duty Free Shop in Ruan. When he was younger he was known as Captain O'Neil who used to sail the world on a trading ship seeking exotic items.


Percy is a fisherman who enjoys seeking his next great catch near the northern entrance of Ruan.


Percy is a fisherman that refuses to give up on his trade, even though others are beginning to do so. He is often found at the Aqua Rossa Bar in Ruan.


Picaro is a member of Ruan's Raven gang. He is often found guarding the entrance when important gang business is being held.


Portos is the harbormaster of Ruan. His wife, Noria and son, Logic, find him a bit of a coward since he refuses to stand up to the gangs who have taken over the port.


Primo runs the bar in Lavantar Casino & Bar who is very disappointed with his kid brother's involvement with the local gang, The Ravens.


Rais is one of the three leaders of the Raven gang in Ruan. Like his fellow leaders, he is a perverted idiot who doesn't learn from his past beatings.


Rocco is one of the three leaders of the Raven gang in Ruan. He is the most impulsive and hot-tempered amongst the three leaders.


Ruvie is the mother of Atget and is often found playing with her daughter near the Granate Orbal Factory. She is happy to be free after her horrifying experience with the Sky Bandits.

Sister Frieda

Sister Frieda is the nun at the Ruan Chapel who enjoys seeing so many tourists partake in their masses, despite that they are mainly there to view the sunlight shining through the stained glass.


Samario is a maintenance working at the Ruan Landing Port. He is thankful for a chance to work under Clive's leadership


Spiridon runs the casino portion of Lavantar Casino & Bar. He believes life is like a roulette table as you may get a lucky streak one day only for it to fall apart tomorrow.


Squaro is the owner and chef of the Aqua Rossa Bar where he keeps the fishermen, salors, and dockworkers well fed. Everything he serves is caught by him in the morning before his restaurant opens.


Sylvie has travelled to Ruan with Legaro to view the sites of the city.


Terence is one of the members of Ruan's Raven gang. He is very lazy and refuses to do any manual labour.


Tobias is the proprietor of Granate Orbal Factory.


Todd is a mechanic trainee under his older brother Clive. He hopes that one day he will be able to work at the Zeiss Central Lab.


Viego is the person chef of Mayor Dalmar at the Mayor's Residence in Ruan.


Zecalte is a navigation officer who frequently enjoys the hospitality at Aqua Rossa Bar in Ruan.



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