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Gull Seaside Way

Gull Seaside Way

The Gull Seaside Way, also known as Sea Breeze Road, is beaten, although still beautiful road, which connects the Village of Manoria, Mercia Orphanage, and the Jenis Royal Academy via the Vista Forest Road to the City of Ruan.

It's years of existence and close proximity to the sea has taken its toll on this once major path. Waves crashing on the shoreline has turned much of this brick-paved road to sand covered beaches. This has completely washed out parts of the way, requiring those journeying on this path to take a dangerous walk on the sand. This makes the road very difficult to traverse during storms, or carrying large heavy loads.

As if it wasn't dangerous enough, vicious enemies linger on the road and beaches, making what could be a peaceful stroll in the breeze into a fight for their lives.

For those treasure hunters out there, five chests filled with Teara Balm are hidden off the main path and a more useful Teara Balm near the middle section.

The best treasures are hidden away in the two boss-guarded chests. The northern chest carries a Ruby Talisman with, and the southern chest contains a very useful Battle Suit. Although, these guards can be quickly dispatched using Arts which can hit multiple enemies at once.

To top it all off, following the well-hidden narrow water-covered path in the southernmost section will reveal Skull Daggers and a Torn Map.


Map of Gull Seaside Way:

Gull Seaside Way Map To Manoria Village To Mercia Orphanage To Vista Forest Road To the City of Ruan


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