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Mercia Orphanage

Mercia Orphanage

Nestled just off the Gull Seaside Way near Manoria you will find the Mercia Orphanage. Currently, under the merciful guidance of Matron Theresa, this Orphanage takes care of children who don't have a home of their own. Current children living here include Clem, Daniel, Mary, and Polly.

Although taking care of several children would be overwhelming for just one person, assistance from Kloe, and many residents of the nearby village of Manoria, significantly assists the matron to keep everything running smoothly.

Map of Mercia Orphanage:

Mercia Orphanage Map Gull Seaside Way


Supporting Characters at Mercia Orphanage:

Inhabitants of Mercia Orphanage:

Trails in the Sky: VogtDaniel

Daniel is one of the orphans currently under the care of Matron Theresa at Mercia Orphanage. He absolutely loves food, which quickly becomes his top priority, even when he should be focusing on more important matters.

Trails in the Sky: VogtMary

Mary is one of the children residing within Mercia Orphanage. Unlike the other children, she acts very mature for her age, and will even scold the other children when they misbehave. Although, this mature behavior is only skin deep as she will often cry when things get rough.

Trails in the Sky: VogtPolly

Polly is one of the children living with Matron Theresa at the Orphanage. Amongst the current orphans, she is by far the youngest.


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