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Stain Arms & Guards

Stain Arms & Guards

The Stain Arms & Guards is the weapon shop in Zeiss. Owned by Stain and run by Elkan, this shop contains everything for the violently-inclined.

The second floor contains a small display area that attracts patrons and weapon connoisseurs alike.

Store Inventory

  Item Price (Mira)
Bo Staff (Estelle) Hex Stave 5000
Bo Staff (Estelle) Spike Rod 7000
Swords (Joshua) Baselards 5000
Swords (Joshua) Gurkha Knives 8000
Orbal Cannon P-03 5000
Orbal Cannon Blitz 7000
Broadsword Rhomphaia 6000
Broadsword Bastard Edge 8000
Armour (All) Shield Vest 5000
Armour (All) Metal Jacket 10000
Boots (All) Double Spikes 3000
Boots (All) Craft Shoes 5000
Accessory (All) Silver Earring 200
Accessory (All) White Bracelet 200
Accessory (All) Lighter 500
Accessory (All) Black Bangle 500
Accessory (All) Pearl Earring 500
Accessory (All) Glam Choker 1000
Accessory (All) Feather Brooch 1000
Accessory (All) Skull Pendant 1000
Accessory (All) Mirage Ring 2000
Accessory (All) Lily Necklace 2000
Accessory (All) Work Gloves 800
Armour (All) Work Jumpsuit 3000


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