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Black Orbment Moan

Black Orbment Moan is the bridging quest that brings the two young bracers to the City of Zeiss. There they meet up with a brilliant proferssor, who just happens to have history with their father.

Client: None
Pay: None
Difficulty: Easy
Prerequisite Quest: Theresa the Target

Kaldia Tunnel
City of Zeiss


During the incident at the Ruan mayor's residence, the Black Orbment emitted a power unlike any seen before...

We may be able to get some clues to its origin in the industrial city of Zeiss.

Notebook Entries

  1. Made arrangements in Zeiss to speak with the factory chief.
  2. Gave letter to the receptionist. The factory chief's office is on 2F.
  3. Murdock, the factory chief, referred us to Professor Russell.
  4. His lab is on the southwest side.
  5. A citywide orbal blackout has occurred during testing.
  6. The professor is headed to the central factory. Let's Follow!
  7. It seems he's in the 3F workshop.
  8. We'll need a Combustion Engine and gas to convert the miter saw.
  9. Let's check the 5F Operations room to see where they're stored.
  10. The Combustion Engine is kept by Gustav, the maintenance chief.
  11. Gas can be found in the central factory basement orbment facility.
  12. Received Combustion Engine!
  13. Received Gasoline Tank!
  14. Let's get back to the workshop.



You will start back on the bridge in the middle of Ruan. Before heading to Air-Letten, be sure to talk to everyone in the area. If you want Carnelia - Chapter 6, head back to the Jenis Royal Academy and see Purity at the clubhouse. Once you're ready return to Air-Letten and head to the top after checking in. Once it is just the two bracers, swap out your orbments; you need to be ready for the new fights ahead.

The Kaldia Tunnel has quite a few creatures, but nothing deadly. A few minor items can also be found in the side tunnels, but you might want to wait before exploring the Limestone Cave to the north. Continue to the east toward Zeize to bump into a girl who is in the cave to fix a bad light. Follow her to the middle area, just past the bridges to find her in trouble with some Damp Crawlers. Tita will join you for the fight, but she is more of a liability then help in the fight.

The fight isn't too hard on the normal mode, but the harder modes will require the use of arts like White Gehenna and Aerial to damage the whole group, while Tita focuses her attack on three enemies at a time. Try to keep them away from Tita as just two attacks will knock her out.

Once the fight is over, change out Tita's orbments and give her some give her a Work Helmet and Lily Necklace to help keep her useful in the coming fights. It will be more challenging to produce useful Arts with her Orbment layout, but do what you can.

Once ready, heal at the charging station by the bridge, then go level these characters. If you are looking for a early boost for Tita, get the G-Impact from one of the guarded chests in the Kalida Limestone Cave, but expect a very challenging fight to get it. Leave the Tunnel via the eastern exit to enter Zeiss.

You will enter the city throught the basement of the Central Factory. There isn't much to do here yet, so just head to the elevator to your left and leave through the front door. You may want to upgrade your Orbments and weapons now, then head to the Zeiss Bracer Guild in the central area of the southern district.

New Optional Quests: Temp Librarian, Tratt Plains Monster

Once you obtain the letter Attn. Factory Chief, head back to the Central factory and present it to Hazel at reception with dramatic effect. Factory Chief Murdock's office is on the second floor, south of the Archives. Once you enter you will learn more about Orbments and get re-introduced to Tita.

You will find the professor's home in the south-west corner of the city. Once go to the upper floor of the lab and meet up with the professor, and continue the encounter on the main floor.

After the blackout, head to the third floor of the Central Factory and enter the workshop (south room). You will now be tasked to locate two items for the Professor.

New Optional Quests: Product Testing

First, head to the basement and speak to Faye. She will bring you a Gasoline Tank. The second item is the Combustion Engine. Gustav, the maintenance chief, has it, but he isn't in the city yet. Head over to the Zeiss Landing Port and speak with Gerald, who will inform you that Gustav is just arriving. Attempt to board the airship that just set down to talk to Gustav and obtain the Engine. Go back to the workshop with the items to continue the experiment on the Black Orbment.

With more information and a new quest to undertake, it is time to go to Elmo Village, but grab the new quests on the way out. (Continued in Elmo Pump Repair)

New Optional Quests: Haulage Vehicle Search, Potent Ingredient, Smoker's Revolt, Ritter Road Monster

New Secret Quest: Messenger of Love


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