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Potent Ingredient

Potent Ingredient is a easy quest to provide a secret ingredient to a chef. This quest is available once you start Elmo Pump Repair, but expires once you board to Leibnitz.

Client: Ben
Pay: 1000 Mira, 3 BP
Bonus: None
Difficulty: Low
Prerequisite Quest: Black Orbment Moans

City of Zeiss


I'm looking for a powerful ingredient to be used in new menu items currently under consideration at the Forgel Bar. Anyone with appropriate items on hand, please bring them to me.

I am extremely busy, however, so please do NOT seek me out for details or clarification.

Notebook Entries

  1. We showed Ben the ingredients we gathered, but he didn't see, to fancy a single one of them.
  2. It looks like we'll need to find something a little more atypical to fulfill his conditions.
  3. Gave Ben an Acerbic Tomato.
  4. He seemed to like what we gave him! I'd call that a job well done!



What this quest requires is very vague. Unless you stumbled across it when exploring the factory, you will likely never find it.

If you return to him without the correct item, he will rummage through your stuff and send you on your way.

The item he wants is the Acerbic Tomato, which is discovered by plucking the plants in the lab on the fourth floor of the factory. Feel free to return to get as many as you want from these plants.

With the bitter fruit in your inventory, show your goods to Ben at the Forgel Bar to complete the request. Enjoy the Tomato Sandwich that he rewards you with.

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