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Factory Incident

Factory Incident is a large part of the Zeiss main story that has the bracers chasing after abductors after a brasen attack and capture at the factory. It then continues with a search for an antidote once some is poisoned.

Client: Bracer Guild
Pay: 8000 Mira, 6 BP
Bonus: 8 BP
Difficulty: Medium
Prerequisite Quest: Elmo Pump Repair

City of Zeiss
Carnella Tower


There seems to be some sort of smoke filling the central factory. All the lab technicians have evacuated the building, but Professor Russell is unaccounted for.

Though there are potential risks, the best option seems to be to identify the source of the problem.

Notebook Entries

  1. The professor's likely in his 3F workshop. Let's start there!
  2. The elevator's out of order. Looks like it's stairs for us!
  3. The professor wasn't there.
  4. They're trying to kidnap the professor! After them, ASAP!
  5. The culprits got away by disguising themselves as guards...
  6. Let's check in with the guild.
  7. Professor Alba caught sight of them at the Carnelia Tower.
  8. The Carnelia Tower is due north about midway down Tratt Plains Rd.
  9. Found the black-clad soldiers!
  10. Unfortunately, they got away with the professor...
  11. The medical practices of the Septian Church may be effective.
  12. Let's get to the chapel right away and ask Father Vixen!
  13. He needs Zemuria Moss from the limestone cave to make a remedy.
  14. The entrance to the limestone cave is in the Kaldia Tunnel.
  15. We decided to check the guild for any useful information.
  16. Zemuria Moss was once gathered near a grotto in the northwest part of the limestone cave.
  17. We're here. Let's have a look!
  18. Found Zemuria Moss! Let's get this to Father Vixen right away!
  19. Received Arve Sovereign Serum. The clinic needs this ASAP!
  20. Agate has been given the remedy. His condition has stabilized!



As you re-enter the City of Zeiss after completing Elmo Pump Repair you will find the factory is engulfed in smoke. Check in at the guild first, then approach the factory to learn that no everyone made it out. Time to be the brave heroes again and venture forth into possible danger!

Before you do so, speak with Elwyn (in the green shirt near the entrance) to obtain a free item. You can get a Proxy Puppet, Celestial Balm, or a Petrify. Pick what you think is best for your play style.

Once inside, you can rush to the 3rd floor where you left the professor, or you can clear up the smoke first for extra Bracer Points. The elevator is down, so you will need to take the stairs to navigate the building.

There are 5 smoke canisters throughout the factory. Each will give you an extra 1 BP.

  • B1: Under the platform near the conveyor belt.
  • 1F: At the reception area near the benches.
  • 2F: Near the elevator.
  • 3F: Design Room near the bookcase.
  • 4F: Lab near the chalkboard.

Once you arrive at the 3F Workshop, you will find someone is missing, and Agate will join the party. It won't tell you where to go, but you won't be able to leave the building. Your goal is the fifth floor.

After you reach Opererations, the story will unfold. There isn't much you can do about the capture, just run to the main floor and out the building.

Before going to the Bracer Guild, it's time to say goodbye to Tita. Be sure to strip her of her orbments before she runs off, which she will do once you enter. After speaking with Professor Alba, switch out your orbments, then leave to Tratt Plains Rd.


Head east, then north to enter the tower. You may want to contintue east to Wolf Fort to rest and collect Carnelia - Chapter 7 from Burno there before heading up the five floors of Carnelia Tower.

I would recommend being at least level 25 before proceeding.

As soon as you arrive at the tower you a wave of Attack Doberman will rush you. These are the same beasts as you encountered earlier, but now without the need to protect someone. The fight is not that difficult this time.

You will have an extra chance for Bracer Points after the battle. Choose "They're tied somehow to the men in the black clothes?" to get 3BP when you report it in.

Before heading up, I recommend that you rest up at the spa to max out CP, set your Break for Agate, then head up to the roof of the tower for a fight with Black-Clad Soldiers. There are two varieties this time, two with swords and another with a gun. This new variety makes targetting them all with medium-ranged orbal attacks a bit more challenging. Use your best orbal attacks and Crafts. Agate's Final Break or Joshua's Black Fang can drastically turn the tables on this encounter if you find yourself overwhelmed.

The fight ends with a scene you should be used to by now, but at least you have a complete party again. Switch out your orbments again, then head back to Zeiss.

As you begin heading towards the Zeiss entrance, remove the orbments from Agate since you'll be changing him out for someone bigger soon. You will bump into Zin Vathek at the crossroads, which will begin a new small scene and bring you back to the Factory.

Once you leave your former companion in good hands, head to the local chapel and speak with Father Vixen. With the new information on a "cure," report your findings to the bracer guild to get approval to go after the ingredients needed and pick up your largest ally yet. Now is a great time to switch out your orbments.


Time to return to the Factory basement and back Kaldia Tunnel. If you haven't fully explored this area earlier, the path to the Kaldia Limestone Cave exits to the north in the area closest to the factory.

If you haven't explored this area yet, be sure to explore the entire region to collect the fantastic items, which will be helpful in the coming fight. The place you are looking for is in the far north-west corner of the cave. If you are going directly to the moss, stay to the left and keep going up (if you are aligned to the north). You may want to build up your CP to the max before collecting the Zemuria Moss from the rock.

The fight with the King Penguin is quite the challenge. The massive bird has two nasty attacks and a strong defence. Use Arts and S-Crafts to defeat it and its entourage.

Once the big bird is gone, return to the city. At Zeiss, go to the chapel and speak with the father to get the Arve Sovereign Serum. With the serum in your possession, return to the fourth floor of the factory. If you want to keep your orbments, unequip them from Tita and Zin since they won't be with you soon.

Once you are a party of two once again, return to the guild to advance the story to Prof.'s Whereabouts.


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