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Temp Librarian Plus

Temp Librarian Plus is a hidden follow-up to Temp Librarian. A missing book at the factory library has the bracers hunting for The Erbe Woodpecker. This mission expires when bording the Leibnitz during Prof's Whereabouts.

Client: Constance
Pay: 500 Mira, 3 BP
Bonus: None
Difficulty: Medium
Prerequisite Quest: Temp Librarian

Elmo Village


The next job entails searching for a book hidden by an old researcher. The client says that if we scour all of Zeiss, we'll come across it for sure!

Notebook Entries

  1. The next job entails searching for a hidden book from long ago.
  2. The book we're looking for is titled: 'The Erbe Woodpecker.'
  3. This is our hint: 'Approach the man of stone standing within the mountain village pond, and ye shall receive.'
  4. It seems it's hidden somewhere within the Zeiss region...
  5. Found 'The Erbe Woodpecker' at the Elmo Hot Springs!
  6. Returned the book!



After returning the books from Temp Librarian, Candace will tell you about the missing book titled "The Erbe Woodpecker." Only a cryptic hint about its location is your guide. If you visited the place already, you might recognize it from Elmo.

Enter the wooden path between the Inn and the Elmo Hot springs and go around the pond to find the package hidden next to the statue.

Return the book to Candance to complete the mission. If you are doing this during Elmo Pump Repair, you will need to wait until you begin Prof.'s Whereabout.

More books are to be found if you wish, which continues in Temp Libarian Plus 2. Don't forget to report it at the guild.

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