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Elmo Village

Elmo Village

Elmo Village is a small village located at the southern reaches of the Zeiss province in Liberl. Perched on the side of a mountain, it draws upon the natural hot spring water to make it a choice resort for travellers across Liberl and beyond.

Decades ago, Professor Russell revolutionized this area with his idea of an Orbal pump, which has managed to keep the hot water pumping for over forty years.


Map of Elmo Village:

Elmo Village Map Tratt Plains Road Autumn Souvenirs The Maple Leaf Inn South Elmo Residence North Elmo Residence Pump Shed Elmo Spa


Supporting Characters within the City of Zeiss:

Inhabitants of Elmo Village:


Addy finds that working two jobs, one as a mother at home, to be exhausting. She works at the restaurant desk at the Inn when she's not at home.


Cyril is the husband of Addy and father to Lucky. Like his wife, he works at the Maple Leaf Inn. He loves how they use names instead of room numbers.


Ed is the husband of Lynn and the father of Recia. Both he and his daughter seem to ignore that Lynn isn't there to give them time to relax outside of work. He is the head chef at the Maple Leaf Inn.


Lucky is a young boy in who lives in Elmo Village who enjoys hanging around the steam of the fountain. He is the son of Addy and Cyril.


Lynn is the unrespected wife of Ed and mother to Recia.


Recia is the Daughter of Ed and Lynn. She works with her father and tends to follow his nasty habit of taking her mom for granted.


Quantay is the son of Sima. His mother died years back, so he does what he can do to draw tourists to buy from his pa.


Sima runs Autumn Souvenirs, the general goods store in Elmo Village. His son, Quantay, tries to help by bringing in tourists.


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