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Ritter Road Monster 2

Ritter Road Monster 2 is a quick boss monster fight available during chapter 3. This is a mandatory fight due to its location directly en route to the Fortress during Prof.'s Whereabouts.

Client: Bracer Guild
Pay: 3000 Mira, 6 BP
Bonus: None
Difficulty: Medium

Ritter Roadway


A ferocious monster known as a Bloody Saber has been spotted roving the Ritter Roadway.

Bracers from this branch are requested to deal with this threat immediately.

Notebook Entries

  1. Exterminated monster!



You don't have an option to ignore this quest, which is often the bane for underpowered players. You can't go back to fight Shining Poms, so you may be forced to grind if you find yourself underpowered. Expect a very challenging fight. Entering this fight will full CP is highly encouraged.

Once you enter the 2nd area of Ritter Road, this beast and its friends block the path.

2 Attack Dobermans and 2 Solid Dozer accompany this beast. Timing Joshua's Black Fang ability during a critical or attack-up can end this fight very quickly. Otherwise, stick with area arts since physical attacks are mainly useless in this fight. Once the Dobermans and Dozers are defeated, then focus on the Bloody Saber. If you fight them out of order, the others will get stronger and quickly overwhelm your party.

Once defeated, simply report it back to the Bracer Guild.

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