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Temp Librarian Plus 3

Temp Librarian Plus 3 is a hidden follow-up to Temp Librarian Plus 2. The third book, "31 Cypress Trees," is waiting for someone to find it.

This mission expires when bording the Leibnitz during Prof's Whereabouts.

Client: Constance
Pay: 2000 Mira, 4 BP
Bonus: None
Difficulty: Medium
Prerequisite Quest: Temp Librarian Plus 2

Sanktheim Gate


Only one book left to find!

We've come this far, so we might as well finish what we started, no?

Notebook Entries

  1. The last book we're looking for is titled '31 Cypress Trees.'
  2. Here's our hint this time: Ah. you (3)1 cypress trees Nestled atop this Grassy Hill! afflictions of far-of(F L)ands draw Nigh Unto me like wine BARRELs tumbling lightly down a soft incline as I drift into Reverie, Enveloped within the resonance of the tolling Bell!'
  3. Found '31 Cypress Trees' in a barrel at the Sanktheim Gate!
  4. Returned the book!



After returning the book from Temp Librarian Plus 2, Candace will tell you about another missing book. The clues this time are a bit more helpful. There aren't many Barrels on a 3rd Floor in this province.

The area is the third floor of Sanktheim Gate. Activate the barrel to collect the book and your bonus! While you can get these later, but the Impede 3 can be very helpful this early in the game.

Return everything to Candace to finish your search, then report it to the guild.

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