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Smoker's Revolt

Smoker's Revolt is a short mission to find a pack of stolen Cigarettes. This mission expires once you leave Elmo in Elmo Pump Repair.

Client: Constance
Pay: 2000 Mira, 4 BP
Bonus: None
Difficulty: Medium
Prerequisite Quest: Black Orbment Moans

City of Zeiss


It appears that someone has filched some cigarettes that were being stored in a cabinet in the Clinic.

Please find the dirty crook who did this, ASAP! Come see me on the 4th floor at the Clinic for witness info and possible suspects.

Notebook Entries

  1. Operations supervisor Travis and Hugo on 1F are suspects.
  2. Antoine, the cat, saw who did it.
  3. Looks like he'll follow us if we have some milk for him...
  4. Antoine did not react to Hugo
  5. We confronted Travis, but didn't get the impression that he's the guy.
  6. Antoine also had no reaction to Travis.
  7. So, they're both innocent? Let's check out the factory a bit more.
  8. Antoine reacted in front of the factory chief's office!
  9. Murdock, the factory chief, is behaving very strangely...
  10. His back room seems suspicious!
  11. Found Back Room Key!
  12. Found cigarettes! Murdock was the culprit!



Speak to Dr. Miriam in the clinic on the fourth floor of the Central factory to begin. Someone with a nasty habit stole cigarettes from her cabinet. Okay, maybe two nasty habits. She gives you a small list of potential suspects.

There is also a witness, but unless you speak cat, it may be difficult. If you completed part of Temp Librarian, you might have a helpful book to understand your witness. It isn't required, though. If you don't have Fresh Milk on you, get some, then return to have Antoine follow you.

Start by asking Travis in Operations on the fifth floor about them, then do the same with Hugo on the first floor near the benches. With both of the suspects gone, you need to poke around the factory until you get a reaction from the furry companion.

When you run by the Office, the cat will react, leading you to Murdock. He won't admit it, but if you grab his Back Room Key near the book on the desks, you can enter the back room. The cigarettes are on the desk with an ashtray. This is all the evidence you need to report your mission a success.

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