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Temp Librarian Plus 2

Temp Librarian Plus 2 is a hidden follow-up to Temp Librarian Plus. A second book has gone missing, leaving the first book at a cliff-hanger.

This mission expires when bording the Leibnitz during Prof's Whereabouts.

Client: Constance
Pay: 1000 Mira, 4 BP
Bonus: None
Difficulty: Medium
Prerequisite Quest: Temp Librarian Plus

Tratt Plains Road


The same researcher as before apparently hid another two books.

Hopefully, we can find them as easily as we did the last one!

Notebook Entries

  1. That wily old researcher hid two other books, it seems!
  2. First, let's see if we can find 'Hertz's Adventure II'.
  3. This time, the hint is a diagram:
  4. Found 'Hertz's Adventure II' on the Tratt Plains Road!
  5. Returned the book!



After returning the book from Temp Librarian Plus, Candace will tell you about another missing book. The only clue is a map, which thankfully doesn't leave too many places if you've explored this province thoroughly.

Annoyingly, you will need to wait until you are approaching the end of the chapter. Once you have a full party during Prof.'s Whereabouts, head south on Tratt Plains Road, then go east toward Wolf Fort. In the middle area of the road, there are two eastern exits. Take the north one to enter a small clearing with a ruin. The Hertz's Advenure II is in the middle column.

Return the book to Constance to begin Temp Librarian Plus 3. Don't forget to report it at the guild.

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