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Air-Letten is a military outpost that uses ancient ruins to protect the border between the Ruan and Zeiss provinces. The western gate opens to the Aurian Causeway, while the eastern gate enters to the Kaldia Tunnel.

These ruins are one of the sixteen wonders of Liberl. The waters from the above waterway cascade down the ancient stones, causing a majestic sight that attracts travellers from all over Liberl and the surrounding nations. The falls are the end of a man-made waterway called the Lhotse Waterway.

Ceasar runs the mess hall while Private Orta runs a small inn for 60 Mira a night.


Map of Air-Letten:

Air-Letten Map To Aurian Causeway


Mess Hall

  Item Price (Mira)
To Go Meal Vegetable Sandwich 150
To Go Meal Briny Delight 350


Inhabitants of Air-Letten:

Trails in the Sky: BartholomewBartholomew

Bartholomew has been travelling to the famous places of Ruan but is staying at Air-Latten until he can venture forth.

Trails in the Sky: CeasarCeasar

This shopkeeper runs the Mess Hall at Air-Latten. While he doesn't sell much, he keeps the visitors well-fed.

Trails in the Sky: CWO HahnCWO Hahn

Chief Warrant Officer Hahn is the office in charge of the famous Air-Latten.

Trails in the Sky: GaryGary

Gary is visiting Air-Latten to partake in the sights and sounds of the location.

Trails in the Sky: LindsayLindsay

Lindsay is a tourist to Air-Latten, which is impressed with one of the most wondrous places of Liberl.

Trails in the Sky: MikelsonMikelson

This traveller is seen watching the majestic waterfall that exit the ruins near Air-Latten.

Trails in the Sky: Private OrtaPrivate Nix

Nix guards the Zeiss gate that leads into the tunnel. While he enjoys the view in the summer, the cold damp air isn't welcome in the winter.

Trails in the Sky: Private OrtaPrivate Orta

Orta runs a simple Inn for the tourists at Air-Letten for 60 Mira a night.

Trails in the Sky: Private CromwellPrivate Cromwell

Private Cromwell is a low-level military officer who has been re-assigned to Air-Latten, despite the knowledge of the Chief Warrant Officer.

Trails in the Sky: Private VernonPrivate Vernon

This private guards over the Ruan-side entrance of Air-Latten.

Trails in the Sky: TiaTia

This woman is a visitor to Air-Latten to see the sights and sounds of the mysterious and wondrous ruins.

Trails in the Sky: Warrant Officer KientzWarrant Officer Kientz

The Warrant Officer of Air-Latten ensures that only authorized people can pass between the two regions.

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