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The super slacker of the village. Sierra is supposed to help her twin brother Bismark with the store, but instead spends most of her time fooling around.


Birthday: 3rd of Spring



Gift Ideas:

Loves: Sun Pendant
Hates: Salad









A delivery job.

Deliver the Cake to Electra.

Reward: 100G.


A ghost in the ocean?

Investigate the reports of ghosts where she marked.

Reward: Sardine Sashimi (5).


Be my messenger!

Talk to Odette for her, then return to Sierra. She will now ask you to bake a cake for her.

*The Master Oven upgrade is required to complete this request.

Reward: Oven Recipes Lv 2 and 5000 G.



Guess who's bored again. Play time!

Reward: Squid (1).


Help wanted!

This is a love interest request for Aden Only!

Talk to Bismark for her.

Reward: Frying Pan Recipes Lv S.


I'm bored. Let's chat!

This is a love interest request for Aden Only!

She's looking for a chat.

Reward: Lucky Strike.


I need to ask something...

This is a love interest request for Aden Only!

Bring a any Brooch.

Reward: Hand Knit Scarf


I think I lost something...

She lost her silver ring in her room. It will be one of the yellow markers in her room.

Don't forget to pick up any other crafting material you find.

Reward: Mayonnaise.


I wanna go play!

She knows where the Summer Island is. Go raise it and return to her.

Reward: Tear Pendant.


Radiant weaponstravaganza!

She has a Sparkler for sale for 2000 G.


That proud 2-handed sword!

She has a Big Flag for sale for 3000 G.


The legendary spear.

She has a Bunbunir for sale for 1000 G.


This axe will give you goosebumps!

She has a Passion for sale for 4000 G.


Uh, cleaning? Help!

Pick up all the Thin Sticks from the store.

Reward: Grass Juice (1).


Wanna go to the beach?

Just takes you to the beach to talk. No quest or reward.



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