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Gerard is the local Father at at the church, and adopted parent to Kelsey and Quinn. He takes care of everyone as if they are all his family, and will do whatever he can to protect the island from harm.


Birthday: 3rd of Fall



Gift Ideas:

Loves: Mixed Ole
Juices (not the green stuff)
Grass Juice









A deadbeat tenant.

Talk to Pandora about her rent again for him.

Reward: Cutlass.


Could you get materials for me?

Aden Only, after first date.

Bring him 2 Platinum and 1 Diamond.

Reward: Engagement Ring and Happiness 101 Recipe.


Have you seen it?

Kelsey lost Gerard's Rosary. It is in the bathhouse, but you will need Maerwen's help to get it.

Talk to her before she is cleaning the bathhouse, then meet her again while she is cleaning it to get it back.

Reward: Orange (3).


How about putting your skills to the test?

Kill 5 of those cumbersome Orcs.

Reward: Recovery Potion (1).


She's so troublesome...

Talk to Pandora about why she isn't paying her rent.

Reward: Orange (3).


Test your skills again.

Defeat 5 slippery Tortoises.

Rewards: Recovery Potion L (3) and Dual Blade Recipes Lv 3.


Test your skills yet again.

Defeat 5 snarling Minotauros.

Rewards: Dual Blade Recipes Lv 2.


Will you join us?

Requires Jocelyn, Gerard, Quinn and Kelsey to have an FP of 6!

Jocelyn is having a lecture on archeology.

Reward: Fish Fossil (3).


Will you take it?

Sonja Only, after first date.

He has a gift for her.

Reward: Happiness 101 Recipes


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