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Joe strives to become a better adventurer than his grandfather was, leading to a very rivalous relationship with Bacchus. Often he will be away on his many adventurers, so he may be difficult to find at times.


Birthday: 13th of Winter



Gift Ideas:

Loves: Protein Boost
Recovery Potion, Courage Badge










A strange reef.

Journey to the location he marked. You need to take the water spout to the east of the Wind Spirit Shrine.


A treasure hunt challenge!

Get the treasure from the ship marked and get it appraised by Joe, and give it to him.

Reward: Golden Skull.


Another treasure hunting challenge!

This is a love interest request for Sonja Only!

He has hidden a treasure in the sand. Find it at the beach.

Reward: Toy Duck.


Can you use your sea chart?

Visit the area he marked on your map. There is no need to raise the island in that area for the quest.

Reward: Courage Badge.


Defeat Gerard

Bring him an elemental crystal

Reward: Body Recipes Lv2.


Find the weapons shrine!

Visit the sunken shrine he marked.


Got any wine?

Bring him a bottle of Wine.

Talk to him again immediately afterwards to get the fishing pole recipes and your first fishing pole.

Rewards: Fire Rod and Fishing Pole Recipes Lv 1.


Help me!

He needs an Antidote Potion.

Squid (3) and Longsword Recipes Lv S.


I can't find it...

This is a love interest request for Sonja Only!

He lost his Tuna somewhere. It is a big island, so it can be anywhere... even floating around the Inn.

Reward: Hammer Recipes Lv S.


I'm so bored!

Help with with a prank by going to the Inn's Kitchen area while it is open.


Information about a treasure.

Find and raise the island he marked. Defeat all the enemies and get the treasure.


Let's have a fishing contest.

Catch or find a Tuna and give it to him. They are normally found in deeper waters.

Reward: Recovery Potion L (5) for a sized Tuna, or Protein Boost for a Large Tuna.


Oh no!

Needs 1 Glue and 1 Scrap Metal.

Reward: Longsword Recipes Lv 3.


Treasure on display!

This is a love interest request for Sonja Only!

Has some treasures he wants to brag about.

Reward: Frying Pan Recipes Lv 3.


What's beyond the great reef?

Find the island he tells you about and raise it.

Reward: Pitchfork.




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