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Lily is the eldest of the three sisters at the inn, and it shows. She is also a bit clumbsy, but never gives up when she has her mind on a task. During the evening, she will frequently play songs from Rune Factory: Frontier.


Birthday: 26th of Spring


Gift Ideas:

Loves: Fruit Parfait
Apple, Orange, Cherry
Baked Apples









A gift of song.

Lily's gift to you for finishing the main story.


A private request...

She wants you to talk to Odette and Violet for her.

Reward: Toyherb (5).


A sea chart for an explorer.

Find and raise the island she marked.

A small old island to investigate.

Lily knows the location of the Wind Spirit Shrine.

Reward: Charm Blue (5).


Can you get the ingredients for me?

She needs 3 items brought to her:
- Squid: Can be caught from the ocean (beach or golem).
- Strawberry: Grown from one of the farm islands.
- Apple: Found in chests, or purchased from store.

Reward: Iron (1).


Cooking help needed!

She has some questions about cooking terms.

The correct answers are simmer, brown and finally chopped

Reward: Aquamarine Brooch for correct answers, otherwise an Aquamarine.


I have an errand for you.

Bring her 1 piece of Iron and Scrap Metal.

Reward: 1000 G.


I need a few things.

Bring her 1 Rice and 1 Egg.

Reward: Silver Hairpin.


I need a taste tester.

This is a love interest request for Aden Only!

She has 3 different gifts depending on your choice:

- Refreshing: Pickled Turnip (9).
- Robust: Salted Salmon (9).
- Rich: Strawberry Jam (9).


I need help with my lute.

Needs 1 Cheap Cloth and 1 Yarn Ball.

Reward: Silver (1).


I need it!

This is a love interest request for Aden Only!

Get her some Grass Juice.

Reward: Relax Tea (1).


I need more help.

This is a love interest request for Aden Only!

Get her watch from Elena again.

Reward: Fruit Tart (1).


Oh dear...

Get her watch that she broke back from Elena.

Reward: Formuade (1).


Your first request.

Get a Medicinal Herb for her. You can buy one at the store or the clinic.

Reward: 500 G.



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