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Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny Jocelyn



Jocelyn isn't local to the island, but makes trips to Fenith Island on Thursdays and Holidays. She is an Archaeologist and will help out identify items for you... at a cost. She's married with two children.


Birthday: 19th of Winter


Gift Ideas:

Loves: Golden Skull*
Likes: Paintings, Lamps, Pottery, Chairs
Hates: Tomato



* Only 1 in the game!




Come talk with me.

She's bored and needs someone to chat.

This quest often shows up the day before she comes to the island, and disappears when she is there, so be sure to take it the night before.

Reward: Steamer Recipes Lv S.


I'm curious about something...

Ask Quinn and Kelsey what games they are playing and return to Joceyln. Then give her Salmon Rice Ball to Kelsey.

Rewards: Wonderful Gift Recipes and 2000 G.


I'm searching for a lamp.

Create a Lamp for her.

Reward: Moondrop (3).


I'm searching for a painting.

Create any painting for her.

Reward: Runeys and Sunflowers for Oil (3), Whale Island for Flour (6).


I'm searching for a pot.

Create some Pots for her, or give her a Strange Pot.

Reward: Green Pepper (9) or Cuccumbers (3).


Investigate Shrine Island.

Check out Shrine Island and answer her questions.

The correct answers are: 24 pillars, brown floor, has a pattern.

Reward: 5000 G for correct answers, otherwise 3000 G.


Investigate some mystic ruins.

Visit the ruins she marks on your map and answer her questions.

The correct answers are: round and square pillars, has a pattern, off-white stone.

Rewards: Head Recipes Lv 2 and 5000 G for correct answers, otherwise just the recipes.


Investigate the sunken islands.

Visit the island she marked on the map and report back to her.

Reward: Light Rod.


Investigation request.

Find and raise the Colosseum

Reward: 5000 G.



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