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Kelsey is an orphan who is being raised by Gerard at the church. He is very shy and tends to keep to himself, unlike his older sister Quinn.


Birthday: 24th of Fall


Gift Ideas:

Loves: Magic Ring
Likes: Toys
Hates: Green Pepper








Do you like riddles?

He has a riddle for you, and a gift if you are correct.

The correct Answer is Moody.

Reward: Wonderful Gift Recipes.


I don't have enough!

Requires Jocelyn, Gerard, Quinn and Kelsey to have an FP of 6!

He needs a Pineapple, Tomato and Apple.

Reward: Star Pendant.


I forgot the lyrics.

Visit the wrecked ship at the moon-shaped reef north of Fenith Island.


I lost my book.

Talk to Gerard, who will give you a book, then return to Kelsey.

Reward: Dual Blade Lv S given by Gerard.


The girls need you.

Give him either a Head Band, Head Dress or Tiara.

Reward: Ribbon.


Um... Please Help. #1

Wants any grass that isn't black or white.

Reward: Random crafting material - normally a Root or a Feather.


Um... Please Help. #2

Needs a Proof of Warrior.

Reward: Green Pepper


Wakame Seaweed...

Give him 1 Wakame Seaweed.

Reward: Mixer Lv 2 for the first completing, a Mushroom for every repeated request.


What do I do?

Needs a piece of cloth.

Reward: Orange Juice for Cheap Cloth, Fruit Juice for Quality Cloth.



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