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James spends his time importing and exporting products for the island, and often leaves the island to trade his goods, making it difficult to talk to him every day. He is still very caring, but at times too overprotective of his sister Elena.


Birthday: 6th of Fall


Gift Ideas:

Loves: Chocolate Pudding
Likes: Milk Pudding, Cakes
Hates: Mushrooms








A request that needs to stay secret.

Find out why Elena is preoccupied. Both questions result in the same outcome.

Reward: Pudding (1).


A thank you for last time.

He has a gift for you.

Reward: Scrap Metal (4).


Got any advice for me?

This is a love interest request for Sonja Only!

Search the beach for the pendant, then talk to Elena.

Reward: Magic Ring.


Help finishing a present.

James is looking for a gem to make a gift. Any gem will work.

Reward: Carpentry Recipes Lv 2.


I have a favor to ask.

Someone is just a tad hungry. Food that contains rice should do the charm.

Reward: Aquamarine (2).


I need a carrot.

This is a love interest request for Sonja Only!

Actually, he needs 9 of them.

Reward: 500 G and Pharmacy Recipes Lv S.


I need this ASAP!

This is a love interest request for Sonja Only!

He needs you to make him a Wind Cape.

Reward: Long Sword Recipes Lv 2.


I want to ask you something.

James would like a Pendant that Sonja likes. Any type of pendant will work.

Reward: Sun Pendant.


I want to try something.

Wants to try forging something and needs 4 pieces of Iron.

Reward: 200 G.


Investigation request.

Use one of the four water spouts in the northern part of the map.

Reward: 10000 G.


Search for a desert island.

Find an island his friends were looking for. Raise it from the bottom of the sea and return.

Reward: Silver (9).


Will you hear me out?

Bring him a Ruby or something that contains a Ruby.

Reward: Carpentry Recipes Lv S.



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