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Odette is the middle child of the three sisters at the inn. She operates the kitchen at the Inn and is always happy and optimistic, except when it comes to Lily's cooking. She is always trying to cook something new, and is always ready to help.

She is the first person that you will meet and will guide you around the town.


Birthday: 8th of Summer


Gift Ideas:

Loves: Ratatouille
Likes: Salads, Pickles, Risottos
Hates: Fish Fossils









Cooking for the Cherry Blossom Festival.

Talk to her during the afternoon and she will ask you to collect ingredients from Bismark, Electra and James.

Reward: Food (varies by year)


Cleaning help needed.

Pick up all the Roots at the Dragon Shrine.

Rewards: Stew (1) and Kitchen Recipes Lv 3.


Cooking to share.

Her gift to you for completing the main story.

Rewards: Ultimate Curry (1) and Kitchen Recipes Lv S.


Earn a free meal!

Pick up the 9 packages of Rice from Bismark, then give it to her while she is working at the Inn.

Reward: Pancakes (1) and Frying Pan Recipes Lv 2.


How about a delicious meal?

This is a love interest request for Aden Only!

She has a serving of Ultimate Curry for you.


I want a change of pace.

This is a love interest request for Aden Only!

Give her a ride on Ymir.

Reward: Frying Pan Recipes Lv 3.


I'll give you a deal.

She has fried rice for sale for only 100 G.


If you're going out to sea...

Visit the island she marked and return to her.

Reward: Rapid Spike


I'm making a ton of curry!

Bring her any BIG vegetable.

Reward: Royal Curry (5).


Looking for someone with good taste!

Has some questions for you about what men like to eat.

The correct answers are Spicy and Hard for Cherry Jam

Reward: Cherry Jam for correct answers, otherwise Marmalade.


We have a new dish.

This is a love interest request for Aden Only!

Time for a meal with the three sisters.

Reward: Carbonara (1).


We're having a sale!

She has 9 Butter Rolls available for 100G while she is at the Inn.


Will you come with me?

Talk to Odette at night (after 8pm).

Reward: Pot Recipes Lv 2.



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