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Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny Anette


Anette is back, and once again she is here to deliver the mail. Sadly, she only shows up on the 4th of each month, and will only wonder the port during the day.


Birthday: 4th of Winter


Anette's FP will only go up to 1 and which will happen on it's own just on the 2nd visit, so there is no real need to spend any time to provide gifts, other than birthdays.


Gift Ideas:

Loves: Pumpkin Tart
Likes: Strawberries, Milk
Hates: Eggplant









Missing Necklace

This request will pop up out of the blue during one of her visits to the island. When she first asks you to find the necklace, you will find it by the statue at the docks. If it isn't there, wait until she returns again the following month.




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