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Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny Mikoto




Mikoto is the islands loyal protector. Armed with her trusty Katana, she makes her rounds the island every day as she tries to figure out what it means to be a real warrior.


Birthday: 1st of Spring


Gift Ideas:

Loves: Tempura Bowl
Likes: Fried & Roasted Fish
Hates: Knife Piece









A letter of challenge.

This is a love interest request for Aden Only!

She would like another sparing match.

Reward: Steel Sushir.


A letter found on the shore.

Find and raise the statue she tells you about.

Reward: Rakshasa.


A strong warrior needed.

Defeat 5 annoying Orc Archers.

Rewards: Recovery Potion (1) and Katana Recipes Lv 2.


Blade testing help.

Bring her a Sardine.

Reward: Sardine Sashimi (1).


Help me in this foreign land.

This is a love interest request for Aden Only!

Bring her a Quality Cloth, a Thin Stick and a Small Fleece.

Reward: Fan.


I need materials.

Bring her any elemental crystal.

Reward: Katana Recipes Lv S.


I need some advice...

Give her something to send. It doesn't matter what it is, but if you giver her an accessory she will wear it.

Reward: Katana Recipes Lv 3.


I need some information.

Talk to Electra about Mikoto for her.

Reward: Wind Ring.


I need some items.

Needs 1 Medicinal Herb, 1 Red Grass and 1 Blue Grass.

Reward: Pot Recipes Lv 3.


I need to improve my patrols.

Visit all the areas of the island and report back to her with the correct answer. (Cave)

Reward: Salmon Rice Balls (5), but only 3 if you provided the wrong answer.


I want to practice.

She wants a quick sparing match.

Reward: Gauntlets.


I'd like to reward your skill.

Defeat 5 massive Trolls.

Reward: Snapper Sashimi (5).


Something hidden beneath the waves.

Go to the place she marked to raise the head. Defeat the goblins and take the statue. 
These goblins may be a much higher level than you if taken right away.

This request will trigger Sierra's ghost event and eventually, the full arrival of Pandora.

Reward: Sorceress Statue (Pandora).


You seem like you've gotten even better.

Defeat 5 snarling Blood Panthers.

Reward: Fried Glitter Snapper (5).



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