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Bismark is Sierra's twin brother, and the owner of the gerneral store. Even though twins, his character couldn't be more opposite of his sisters. He feels very strongly when at work, and often complains about his sister's slacking off. He is very shy, and does not talk much when he isn't working, especially to females, but when he is at the store, it is all business.


Birthday: 3rd of Spring


Gift Ideas:

Loves: Seafood Pizza
Likes: Pizza, French Fries, Popcorn, Cornflakes
Hates: Insect Jaw









A delivery request.

This is a love interest request for Sonja Only!

Get the chest he gives you appraised by Jocelyn.

Unlike normal appraisals, this time you need to hand deliver it to her.

Reward: Frying Pan Recipes Lv S.


A fall island.

Guess who knows the location of the Fall Island? Use Ymir to raise the island.

Reward: Wooly Scarf.


A woman's advice.

This is a love interest request for Sonja Only!

Give him advice of what to sell. Dragon is the best choice.

Reward: Lover Snapper.


Could you help me?

He needs you to deliver the flower to Maerwen when she is at home.

Reward: 100G.


I have a problem...

Someone needs an Antidote Potion. Get one for him.

Reward: Frying Pan Recipes Lv 2.


I need to look into something.

He wants you to talk to Bacchus, Gerard, James, Joe, and Kelsey about what they consider manly. The answer you give him doesn't matter as there is no reward, although strength appears to be more accepted.


I... could use some food.

Get his "lunch" from Sierra and give it to him.

Reward: Head Recipes Lv 3.


Looking for a weapon.

He wants to know what weapon would be best for him. The answer doesn't appear to change anything.

Reward: Fishing Pole Recipes Lv 2.


Need someone who's good at finding people.

Talk to Sierra, then Maerwen and Odette to confirm her story.

Reward: Curry Rice (1).


Searching for someone to make a delivery.

Deliver the Wine he gives you to Odette while she is working at the Inn.

Reward: 100G.


Won't you come have tea?

It's tea time with Bismark.

Reward: Relax Tea.


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