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Maerwen is a Dark Elf, and the only maid that didn't leave after De Sainte-Coquille family ran out of money to afford them. At the beginning, she appears a bit hostile, but will quickly become sweet and caring. She isn't too happy that Electra keeps doing her work at the mansion, so she spends most of the day cleaning the bath house.


Birthday: 1st of Winter


Gift Ideas:

Loves: Pom-Pom Flower
Likes: Flowers, Cheap Cloth
Hates: Spinach










A dangerous request.

Bring her 1 Insect Jaw and 2 pieces of Iron.

Rewards: Doria (1) and Frying Pan Recipes Lv 3.


A frozen island.

Raise Frost Island and return to her.


A good island for monsters.

Raise Spring Island and return to her.

Reward: Kitchen Recipes Lv 2.


Any extra?

Bring her 1 Butter and 1 Honey.

Rewards: Pancakes (3) and Steamer Recipes Lv 2.


Anyone have some extra stuff?

Needs 1 Silver and 1 Gold.

Reward: Longsword Recipes Lv 2.


Anyone not busy?

Bring 3 portions of Rice.

Rewards: Charm Blue (3) and Oven Recipes Lv 3.


Can you keep a secret?

This is a love interest request for Aden Only!

Bring the pudding she gives you to Electra.

Reward: Pudding (1).


Help me look for something.

Find her lost Silver Ring. You will find it by the tree near Beatrix' hole.

Rewards: Tempura (1) and Steamer Recipes Lv S.


Hey, bath lover.

She has a gift for you.

Reward: Pot Recipes Lv S,


I need a little help.

Bring her 3 bottles of Wine and help her clean the bath.

Rewards: Hachimaki and Pot Recipes Lv 3.


If you're not too busy...

Bring her 3 Medicinal Herbs.

Rewards: Cookie (1) and Oven Recipes Lv 2.


Taste this for me.

Bring her 1 Rice.

Reward: Rice Ball (1).


Shopping assistance needed.

This is a love interest request for Aden Only!

She can't remember the reason for the request, but she does have a gift for you.

Reward: Hand-knit Hat.



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