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Electra is the Mayor's daughter, but has no taste for the greed that has taken over her family. She prefers to do housework and crafting when she isn't helping out others with her multiple part-time jobs at all of the shops.


Birthday: 6th of Spring


Gift Ideas:

Loves: Teardrop
Likes: Crafting materials
Hates: Gems (Ruby's, Emeralds, Sapphires, etc.)









A skilled crafter wanted.

She would like you to make her a hairpin. You may need to wait until later on into the main story to get the required Wet Scale.

Reward: Neck Recipes Lv S.


An important request.

Give the Recovery Potion she gives you to her mother.

Rewards: Antidote Potion (3) and Head Recipes Lv 3.


An urgent request.

She wants you to make her a Chocolate Cake.

Reward: Neck Recipes Lv 2.


Delivery Request.

Talk to Electra when she is working at the store, then bring Lily the Oil (1) when she is at the Inn. (Both are usually in their required places at 3pm)

Reward: Milk (1).


It's just a little bit...

This is a love interest request for Aden Only!

Bring her 4 Pieces of Gold and Silver.

Reward: Magic Ring.


It's not really a request...

This is a love interest request for Aden Only!

She is willing to make something for you. She will give you:

- Gauntlets for Iron, Bronze, Silver or Gold
- Ring Shield for Gems
- Happy Ring for Crystals (Elemental, Small, Magic)

- She will accept Platinum, but she will give you nothing.


Looking for materials.

She needs 3 pieces of Silver.

Reward: Body Recipes Lv S.


Message delivery

This is a love interest request for Aden Only!

Give Beatrix and Maerwen the Gold Bracelets she gives you.

Reward: Gold Bracelet.


Rocky Sailing.

Use Ymir to clear the rocks by picking them up and throwing them.

Reward: 5000 G.

The legend of stone flowers.

Find Winter Island where she has indicated on your map.

Reward: Neck Towel.


There are two items I just can't find.

She needs 1 Thin Stick and 1 Cheap Cloth.

Reward: Head Recipes Lv S.


This won't be easy.

Give Elena the Cold Medicine and convince her to take it.

Reward: Cold Medicine (1) and Body Recipes Lv 3.


Treasure hunter...

Give her any item that a creature drops after being defeated.

Reward: Art of Defense.


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