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Bacchus is a Fisherman, retired Adventurer and Joe's father. Most of the time he talks about his youth... and Lily. For an old man, he still has an eye for the women, when he isn't catching fish or drinking at the Inn.



Birthday: 3rd of Summer



Gift Ideas:

Loves: Fried Fall Found
Likes: Pickles, Dried Sardine
Hates: Chocolate, Honey Toast








A red sea! Strange!

Search the sea in the area he marked for a hidden island.

Reward: Ruby (9).


A very serious clobbering request.

Defeat 5 Demons in glorious combat!

Reward: Spear Recipes Lv 2.


Clobber some monsters!

Defeat 5 pesky green-blooded Goblins!

Reward: Char (1).


I'll train you up!

Show him your amazing fishing skills by catching a Girella for him.

Rewards: Spear Recipes Lv S and 5000 G.


I'm starved!

Show him your fishing skills and how well you can cook by frying any type of fish for him.

Reward: Fishing Pole Recipes Lv 2.


I've got work for you!

Find and pick up the random items marked with yellow marks on both floors of his ship.


If you're good at raising islands...

Find and raise the sunken island he marked, vanquish the foes and claim the loot for yourself.

Reward: Keep any loot you found.


More monsters to clobber!

Defeat 5 of those scallywag Goblin Pirates.

Reward: Spear Recipes Lv 3.


Train him up, please!

Give Joe some advice for him, then give Bacchus his thank you present.

Reward: Fishing Pole Recipes Lv S.


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