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Elena runs the blacksmith and spends almost all of her time doing something with golems. If she needs to get a task done, it better require a golem, since there will be one involved regardless. Since she gets most of her work done at night, she will be sleeping during the afternoon.


Birthday: 8th of Fall


Gift Ideas:

Loves: Small Crystal
Ores (Including Scrap Metal), Elemental Crystals
Hates: Milk, Hot Milk







Ancient golem manual?

Find the statue in the water where she marked on your map.

Reward: Earth Pendant


Golem Appearance #1

Needs 1 Toyherb and 1 Moondrop.


Golem Appearance #2

Needs 1 Red Grass and 1 Lamp Flower.


Golem Appearance #3

Needs 3 Maple and 2 Spring Flowers


Golem Appearance #4

Needs 2 Fireflower, 1 Pom-Pom Flower, and 1 Pink Cat.


Golem Appearance #5

Needs a 4-Leaf Clover, 2 Green Grass, and 2 Weeds.


Golem investigation.

Has some questions about Ymir. Answer them in any way you want.

Reward: Fire Ring.


Golem Reborn (Fragments of Ymir)

Talk to all the villagers and get at least 15 fragments and give them to her.


Golem repair materials.

Needs 4 pieces of Scrap Metal.

Reward: 50G.


Help! ASAP!

This is a love interest request for Aden Only!

Needs 1 Red Grass.


Hey! It disappeared!

This is a love interest request for Aden Only!

Find her Light Crystal. James has it of course.

Reward: Hammer Recipes Lv S.


Hey! Make a delivery for me!

Take the Bronze Bracelet she gives you to Pandora. Don't forget the payment for Elena.

Reward: Axe Recipes Lv 3.


How's Ymir Doing?

Talk to her about Ymir.

Reward: Axe Recipes Lv S.


I need to beef up my golem!

Needs 1 Insect Jaw and 1 Insect Skin.

Rewards: Axe Recipes Lv 2 and 100G.


I need to do a repair.

Needs 1 Thin Stick and 1 Glue.

Rewards: Hammer Recipes Lv 3 and Light Crystal (2).


Lend me a hand.

This is a love interest request for Aden Only!

Ask James about Elena's shipment when he is at the docks. He is a bit short and will also need 3 extra Silver.
Deliver the shipment of 9 Silver to Elena to complete this request.

This request is best to do on a Tuesday. Get the quest from Elena in the morning, then talk to James while she is sleeping, then deliver it to her when she wakes back up later in the afternoon.

Reward: Ruby Brooch.


Something powerful to juice up a golem!

Has three trades available, depending on the version of your game, but you can only pick one.

- 1 Platinum gives 1 Small Crystal or 1 Small Crystal gives 1 Platinum

- 2 Gold gives 1 Magic Crystal or 1 Small Crystal gives 2 Gold

- 3 Copper gives 1 Magic Powder or 1 Magic Powder gives 3 Copper

The history of golems.

Find a raise the island she marked.

Reward: Great Hammer.


To my rival!

She has a gift for you.

Reward: Sky Hammer.




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