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Quinn is an orphan that is being raised by Gerard at the church. Unlike her brother Kelsey, she is very outspoken and adventurous.


Birthday: 6th of Winter



Gift Ideas:

Loves: Ultimate Curry
Noodles, Curry Dishes








Give me ingredients.

Give her an Apple, Pumpkin or Chestnut.

Reward: Failed Dish


I need some stuff.

Requires Jocelyn, Gerard, Quinn and Kelsey to have an FP of 6!

Bring her 1 Cuccumber, 1 Cabbage, and 1 Carrot.

Reward: Mixer Recipes Lv S.


I want to cook.

Bring her an Egg and Rice.

Reward: Failed Dish.


I'll cook for you.

She will make juice for you with either an Apple, Orange or Cherry.


I'm running away from home.

Talk to the adults (Bacchus, Beatrix and Gerard) for her.

Oddly, she doesn't really run away and often can be found at home during the request.

Reward: Ultimate Curry (1).


Ingredients needed!

Give her an Apple, Cherry, or Chestnut and she will bake you a pie of the same type.


Let's Have a Treasure Hunt

Go find her treasure at the holy place (Dragon Shrine), where you will find a bird feather on the path. Bring it to her to complete the quest.

Reward: 1 Bird Feather


There is a monster!

Visit her between 6PM and 7PM at the church to find out what is frightening her.




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