Crimson Tear

Tomb Raider 4: The Last Revelation
Level 5: "Valley of the Kings" Walkthrough

Available Secrets: 3

Items Found: Grenadegun Super Ammo (4), Ignition Key (1), Large Medipack (1), Normal Shotgun Ammo (4), Small Medipack (4), Uzi Ammo (4)

Weapon Found: Shotgun

Enemies: Henchman


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For over 500 years, Egyptians buried their pharaohs, and other famous people in this very large valley. Even to this date, not all of the tombs have been uncovered, so who knows what other mysteries are to be unlocked.

Tomb Raider 4: The Last Revelation - Valley of the Kings EntranceAfter the FMV (watch it here if you missed it) showing why Lara should read things before taking them, you will need to give chase after your former guide. Sadly, his reinforcements will stand in your way. There are 7 Henchmen in the way, which will enter the map from the four corners, and one in the nearest bolder. The easiest way of fighting them is at close range so they switch to their swords instead of their guns, so charge at them while firing. Be careful of the order you defeat them, though - if you defeat the second enemy that exits the cave to the right of the entrance you will get a cut-scene in which the enemies can continue gunning you down while you defencelessly watch your guide get away.

Once you do clear the area of bad guys, you have some time to take a breather and collect some items. Littered on the former battleground will be some items the enemies dropped: 3 sets of Uzi Ammo, 2 Small Medipacks, a Large Medipack, and, most importantly, the jeep's Ignition Key. But don't head for the jeep just yet, there are two secrets loaded with more goodies!

Facing the entrance to the area, you will see a cave to the right. This is the path to Secret #1 (19 of 70). Run in as far as you can, then climb up to the darker area. You will see the weapons cache easily enough that you won't need any flares. The cache contains 2 Shotgun Normal Ammo, and a Shotgun. You will need to pick them up individually, so press the action button 3 times, then head back to the entrance.

Now, Secret #2 (20 of 70) is a little harder to get to. Head toward the cave on the other side of the entrance and climb up to the first platform. Don't head inside. Face the large wall and you will see another platform just to your right. Jump towards it, grab the ledge and pull yourself up, then again to get even higher. This time everything is split up into different piles, so run around and grab the loot. You will find 2 Shotgun Normal Ammo, a Small Medipack and some Uzi Ammo.

In case you mess up, it might be a good idea to save here. Now safely head back down with some saftey drops, then head for the Jeep. (That's the one without a top if you didn't know.) To enter the vehicle, press the action key and select the Ignition Key. Now, before you race off to chase down the bad guy, note that there is no rush as he will wait for you if you stop (how nice of him), and there are dangers along the way. If you do leave the jeep, be sure to remember where you parked - it is needed to finish the level. You may also want to spend some time getting used to the controls before you head out.

Can't figure it out? Here's the controls:

Accelerate (Action)
Steer (Arrow Keys/D-Pad)
Brake (Jump)
Climb out (Jump + Left)
Reverse (Sprint)
Forward (Walk)

Got used to it? Then after that man! Okay, not too closely, since he tosses grenades behind him. Truthfully, the grenades normally don't hurt you, unless you take a direct hit, but better safe than sorry. You can also take damage from the terrain, so don't drive too fast. Keep driving until you get to the next open area where 2 more Henchmen start shooting at you. Stay left and hug the wall while doing a wide turn around the dead end to lure them off their safe area, then run those fools down!

Tomb Raider 4: Valley of the Kings: Driving Mad!Don't bother with getting out to look for drops, there aren't any. Continue after the jerk until you see another Henchman on the rock bridge above the main path. Go up that bridge and run that guy down, too. Don't go down the other side, yet; it's time for a breather, and a secret. Get out of the vehicle and head back across the bridge and down the way you came, and head toward the pit the bridge crosses.

SAVE HERE! It is possible you will die in this area, and repeating everything is annoying. Grab the edge of the cliff you're on and you will see the rock ladder on the wall. Climb down a bit, then to the right. There is a small crawling space – that's Secret #3 (21 of 70)! You will likely notice that you can't just climb into that area. The trick here is to release the action button just for a fraction of a second, then press and hold it again, while pressing up and crouch.

If you succeeded, and didn't end up dead at the bottom of the pit, you are rewarded with the chime of victory! Now head in and collect your prizes! Of course you have to turn around and crawl out backward, then stumble in the darkness to find your items. What kind of prize is worth all that? Only a Small Medipack and 4 Grenadegun Super Ammo!!! Oh, wait, you can't use those grenades yet. Grrrr! If you're having problems find the pickups, don't be afraid to use a flare.

Now head back the way you came, exactly how you got there, and get back into your vehicle. Drive SLOWLY down the other ramp so you don't take damage and give chase to the other vehicle.

As you head up, take out the Henchman then cautiously head right and across the rock bridge that's above the previous rock bridge. Continue around the cliffs, drive over yet another Henchman and continue up to the next level!


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