Crimson Tear

Tomb Raider 4: The Last Revelation
Level 1: "Angkor Wat" Walkthrough

Available Secrets: 8 Golden Skulls

Items Found: 1 Large Medipack, 1 Small Medipack

Enemies: 3 Wild Boars

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Angkor Wat, meaning "City of Temples", is the temple in Siem Reap, Cambodia. It was first a Hindu temple, later changed to Buddhist. It is still the current largest religious monument of the world.


It is 1984, Lara is still young (16 years of age) and following her mentor, Werner Von Croy, as they explore a tomb in Cambodia, searching for a lost artifact. Welcome to the point in her life where Lara learns how to be a Tomb Raider!

Note: This first level is pretty linear as you will be just following Werner, and it is pretty much just a tutorial level, so if you are familiar with the controls of the earlier games, you can skip his orders by pressing the "look" button.

Location of Secret 1 in Angkor WatEven though this level holds your hand, there are items that can be easily missed along the way, specifically the 8 golden skulls. What to these skulls give you? A longer and more difficult level 2. Since there are no rewards for finding all the secrets in the game, it is up to you if you think this level's secrets are worth your time.

The first skull is available after his first warning about traps. Look to the left of the stairs and you will find your first prize.

Location of Secret 2 in Angkor WatNow follow behind Werner and listen to more of his warnings, then let him disarm the trap. Soon you will come up to a small pit with shallow water where he teaches you how to do a standing jump. Don't listen to that old fool and just walk off the ledge and into the water. In the very center you will find your second skull! Now slowly make your way around and back up, then make that jump as he asked you to.

Location of Secret 3 in Angkor WatAs you enter the next room a wild boar will come out and attack, but, alas, young Lara has no weapons. Werner has a knife, so run around to get its attention, then lure it right back to him so he can kill it. Once it is dead, continue to the room with the water falls. Here he will teach you more advanced jumps. Don't bother jumping yet and go down to the next level (just run down, the fall won't hurt), and head to the far end and take a right. Claim your third secret, then head back via the ramp to your left.

Location of Secret 4 in Angkor Wat and nearby itemsFollow his instructions as you carry onward as you cross the ledge and into the next room. Safely drop into the room with the pool by holding action as you walk backward. He tells you to go for a swim, so that's what you need to do. Skull 4 is at the bottom of the pool. You should have lots of air so head to the right side of the face belching water (on the north west side if you use your compass) and enter the underwater tunnel. Just stay underwater and follow it to the grate where you will find a Small and Large Medipack. Swim back, and go around to the other side of the belching statue to find a ledge. Use action when your at the water's surface facing it to pull up.

On the ledge he will tell you to look for a lever, which isn't too hard to find. Although, this is a new type of lever for the series, and it doesn't come with any instructions. To activate it, move Lara to the handle so the handle is between her and the rest of the contraption, then press action. Once he joins you it's time to follow the leader again.

He will unlock another door, then the old creep will tell you to run up the ladder and pull another lever. Do so, then head back down. I would recommend grabbing onto the ledge then tap and release action repeatedly (not rapid fire!) to quickly go down the ladder. Follow him left and up the stairs, jump up to the overhead vines with action pressed, then, while still holding action, go forward and follow your mentor. Location of Secret 5 in Angkor Wat

When you get outside, 2 wild boar will meet you. Once again, lure them to Werner so he can kill them. As you follow the path, Werner will head inside the again. If you want the Golden Skulls, there is one at the far right corner.

Location of Secret 6 in Angkor WatFollow him past the door with the gong and you will find yourself in a room with spike traps. Golden Skull 6 is on the right side of the room. Now continue around the sides to avoid the spikes as you head to the exit where you will find your mentor perplexed.

Location of Secret 7 in Angkor WatCrawl into the small gap in the wall, as per his instructions. The 7th Skull is in the passage to the left, then head down the other path to the right. You will be treated with a cutscene of Lara getting her iconic backpack. When you have control again, pull the lever to your left, then crawl back to Werner. No, you can't pick up the artifact on the ground.

In the next area you will learn the dash and dive technique, which may be difficult to get the first time. Don't start dashing until you get to the blow darts, yes you will take some damage, then press jump just before you get to closing wall. If you fail, just duck down and crawl underneath. Alternatively, just take your time and crawl under everything, including the darts, to take no damage. You will need to master the dash and dive for further levels.

Location of Secret 8 in Angkor WatClimb up to the next room, or just run more toward the wall and run up the ramp. If you want the last Golden Skull, take a right, go up onto the ledge, then back to behind the entrance of this room. You should now have 8 golden skulls!

Note: Heading up the stairs toward the next room is the point where the game decides if you take the easy or hard path. If you don't have all the skulls the easy path (to the right) will be given to you, otherwise you will be taking the more difficult left path. If you don't want the harder challenge, you can leave the 8th skull and activate the easy path, then go back to grab the skull to get all the secrets, too.

Follow him into the next room. If you didn't find the 8 skulls there will be a pool in the middle to save you if you mess up and it will be lighter, otherwise they are the same. He tells you to find the other switch, but not where to go. Head to the south-west corner of the room (to the right of the door you entered when facing it) and you will find a crawl space up on the wall. He will instruct you how to enter (action, then duck). Follow the tunnel until you reach the 2nd floor of the room, then head right and around.

It would be a good idea to save now, especially if there is no water to save you if you fall. You will need to take a running jump to the vine, then hold action once you jump. (If you are having issues with the jump, walk to the very edge, make sure your in the center and facing the vine, leap back (not jump), then run (not sprint), to the edge and press jump while running, then press and hold action once your in the air.) Once you're on the vine, don't let go of action or you will fall. Press down to lower yourself so your on the tip of the vine, then press dash to swing. Let go of action when your over the other ledge and pull that lever.

To get down, grab the ledge to reduce your fall (or jump into the pool if available) and enter the newly opened doors and down into the next level.


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