Crimson Tear

Tomb Raider 4: The Last Revelation
Level 12: "Desert Railroad" Walkthrough

Available Secrets: 3

Items Found: Crossbow Normal Ammo (1), Crowbar, Grenadegun Flash Ammo (2), Large Medipack (1), Revolver Ammo (1), Shotgun Normal Ammo (5), Small Medipack (3)

Weapons Found: Grenade Gun, Shotgun

Enemies: Assassin

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Of all the levels so far, this will be the most linear, but also unique for the series thus far. The entire level takes place on a moving train. Tomb Raider 4: The Last Revelation - Desert Railroad Incoming Trouble

After watching Lara sneak aboard the train (watch it here if you missed it), you will find yourself in the first railcar. You will find 2 levers, but only the one in the middle of the car works at this point, so pull it and make a diagonal jump into the next car. This next car has lots of fixed cameras due to the tight spaces, but just continue down the corridor, with pistols drawn, and take out the Assassin that jumps out at the end. Once done, enter the first 2 rooms, shoot the crates, and grab the Small Medipack and the Shotgun Normal Ammo. Continue to the next flat car.

2 more Assassins will attack. If you start firing at one, he will stay on the defencive while the other charges – just stop firing at the defending one and fire at the other one when he is closer. Once both of Von Croy's friends are taken care of, continue forward, leap to the railings on either side of the next railcar and pull yourself to the top.

When you pass the first hatch, another 2 more Assassins will join you on the roof. The far one will shoot at you while the closer one prefers a more up close and personal approach. I recommend you to run toward the far one first, shooting as you go, then deal with the other one after. Just be careful not to fall off the train. Once safe, drop into the first hatch. Grab the Shotgun Normal Ammo from the corner and shoot the crate (you will need to duck and shoot) to get more Shotgun Normal Ammo, then pick up the Small Medipack beside it. Another Assassin will attack when you near the exit. After he's taken care of, jump and climb up to the next railcar.

Ignore this hatch since we don't have access to the area inside yet, and just continue to the car with the tarp. We can't climb the tarp so we need to go around it. Grab either side of the railcar and make your way to the other side. Von Croy's Helicopter will fly overhead, but let's get a secret before continuing on.

Tomb Raider 4: The Last Revelation - Desert Railroad Helicopter

Climb onto the last railcar (with the black roof), deal with the Assassin, then hang off the back of it. The door will open, so drop and grab the other ledge to pull yourself into Secret #1 (41 of 70). Inside you will find Revolver Ammo, Crossbow Normal Ammo, and Large Medipack. To get back to the roof just hang from the bottom of the opening, shimmy over to the side and climb up.

Next, go to the middle of the right (north) side of the car and hang from the ledge to find another opening. Drop and grab this ledge, climb into it then drop inside. To your left you will find 2 Shotgun Normal Ammo, and to your right a Shotgun and Crowbar. Use the Crowbar to pull the broken lever to open the main door. An Assassin will jump out when you near it, so teach him what happens when people try to scare a lady.

Jump back to the tarp car and climb to the top. Another Assassin will be on the next car, so take him out here where it's safe, then slide down the tarp and deal with yet another Assassin. To jump inside the next car, press action mid-jump so you don't hit your head and fall to your death. Use the crowbar at the far left crate to open Secret #2 (42 of 70). 2 Grenadegun Flash Ammo and the Grenade Gun is your reward. Yay, now we can make things go boom!

Climb up through the hatch above and 2 more Assassins will climb up to meet you. Well, only one makes it, the other gets run over by the train. Take care of the survivor and continue forward. When you are about to return to the flat railcar, just run off the yellow one to land at the edge. Wait for an Assassin to leap to the car, and when he tries to jump over you, roll and let him fall to his death. Another Assassin will join when you go a bit further, just back up and let him suffer the same fate as his colleague.

Continue over the 2 flats and take care of the Assassin guarding the grey car, pass through and leap (with action held) back to where we started. The large crate in the north-west can be pried open with the crowbar for Secret #3 (43 of 70) containing a lone Small Medipack. Now just use the Crowbar on that last lever to decouple the cars and continue on to Alexandria.


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